In an effort to connect with the ancient mysteries, we offer opportunities for investigating some of the world’s most ancient sacred sites. We are committed to covering the intellectual, philosophical, mystical, metaphysical, and spiritual aspects with an interdisciplinary approach. What better way to experience camaraderie than exchange ideas with today’s finest experts, passionate authors and cutting edge esoteric researchers?


November 13-19th, 2020 | Yucatan, Mexico

September 17th – 29th, 2020 | Egypt



Lost Technologies and Symbolism Tour of Egypt with Chris Dunn and Anyextee

Water Wizards Anyextee

Lost Origins Podcast featuring Anyextee – The Water Wizards


Sheikh el-Balad: Illumined Priest of Ancient Egypt Discovered at Saqqara


Anyextee featured on Strange World: Without A Trace airing on Travel Channel

The Maya New Year and The Fulfillment of Your Destiny

Anyextee and Dr Dr. Elsayed Hegazy Luxor cachette Egypt

One of the Greatest Finds in All of Egyptology!


About Us
We offer expedition opportunities for learning about ancient cultures and traditions by investigating some of the world’s most important sacred sites. We are committed to small groups, carefully crafted itineraries, and passionate tour leaders ready to share their wisdom and help you deepen your spiritual travel experience. Are you ready to see how far your consciousness can take you?
Anyextee is an esoteric researcher who is called to investigate the ancient mysteries, metaphysics and mysticism. He transformed his passion for exploration into a successful tour company dedicated to providing travelers and seekers with more meaningful experiences. He is the founder of Adept Expeditions, Adept Initiates, Ancient Egypt Mystery Schools and leads tours through the Yucatan, Mexico and Egypt.
Quick facts about Anyextee:
    • World Explorer, author, public speaker, researcher, film producer and artist on a mission to raise consciousness
    • Specializes in the ancient mystery traditions, ancient sacred sites, symbolism, indigenous cultures, and deciphering glyphs and symbols
    • In 2015 he founded the Adept Initiates movement and has spent the past few years fully immersed in writing his upcoming book on the so-called Olmec and Maya symbolism and mystery traditions while traveling and producing several documentary films and digital series.
    • Anyextee was the Voice for The Sacred History of the Rosicrucians and the series producer, as well as producer and host of Ancient Egypt Mystery Schools
    • Is a loving family man and father. He married Karina in the Yucatan at the Uxmal Archaeological Ruins by way of traditional Maya ceremony.
Karina Ceja Andreozzi

Karina Itzcoatl

Author, Researcher, Tour facilitator & Spanish-to-English translator / Adept Expeditions
Fascinated by Maya and Aztec achievement Karina was called to explore the heritage of her ancestors at an early age. She has extensively studied the historical indigenous identity of Aztec culture.
Quick facts about Karina:
  • She also serves as Administrative Director at Adept Initiates
  • Member of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC
  • Student of the Fourth Way Teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff
  • Spiritual Life coach trained in psychology
  • Practioner of Nagualism
  • Spanish-to-English translator for Adept Expeditions.
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