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” A phenomenal experience – the decades of combined research by Anyextee and Karina Itzcoatl gave our group a deep understanding of a long-gone culture and the symbolism carved into its stone structures.”

Ellen McCurdy

” In the tradition of John Anthony West, this journey contains many of the elements of John’s tour, but Anyextee, with his vast knowledge of the arcane, gives it its own spin. There is much, much content on the tour, but if you are like me, there mainly to feel and dream, this tour will provide what you are looking for. “


Jenn Anderson

” This was a journey that truly changed my life. Words cannot express the sights, wonder, love, connection to that past, and energy experienced during this trip. “


Kaeden Reid

”  An adventure with Adept Expeditions will change your life. I would recommend the experience to everyone. “


Ryan Rios

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What better way to explore evidence of lost ancient technologies and connect with places of power than by traveling with today’s leading experts right by your side? Learn more today about our unique tours to Egypt and Yucatan Maya sites like Uxmal, Ek Balam and Chichen Itza.

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