With Anyextee + Easter Island Extension

MAIN TOUR DATES: August 19-29,2024
📅 Optional Pre-Tour – Nazca & Paracas: August 16-19, 2024
📅 Optional Post-Tour – Ancestral Insights: August 29-31, 2024
📅 Optional Extension – Easter Island: August 31-September 4, 2024


Easter Island Extension

If you’re fascinated by ancient mysteries and archaeological enigmas, the ancestral shamanic wisdom of traditional healing, and the thrill of off-the-beaten-path exploration, then this trip is for you!

Embark on Adept Expeditions’ inaugural expedition into the heart of ancient civilizations across Peru & Bolivia, led by Anyextee, complemented by an optional extension to the enigmatic Easter Island. This unique exploration invites you on an adventure to unravel the enigmatic secrets that have puzzled scholars and enthusiasts for centuries, offering new insights into these storied lands’ ancient mysteries.

An Expedition into the Unknown

From August 19-29, 2024, join us for an adventure designed for those captivated by the world’s most intriguing mysteries. From the architectural achievements of the Incas to the mystifying moai statues of Easter Island, this expedition is your gateway to exploring the unknown and uncovering the secrets of ancient cultures.

Optional Pre-Tour: Nazca & Paracas

📅 Optional Pre-Tour: August 16-19, 2024

Start your adventure early by exploring the enigmatic Nazca Lines and geoglyphs from a bird’s eye view and examining the intriguing elongated skulls of Paracas—an extraordinary hands-on experience!

paracas elonaged skull

Delving into Ancient Mysteries

Traverse lost cities and sacred sites with Adept Expeditions, where history and mystery converge. Experience firsthand the awe-inspiring remnants of civilizations past and step into remote locales to decode mysteries that have stood the test of time.

Ever wondered about the enigmatic wonders hidden in the heart of Peru and Bolivia?

Peru Bolivia world map locator

Peru: Architectural Marvels

Picture this: a civilization vanishes without a trace, leaving behind the baffling perfection of polygonal stone walls. And that’s just the beginning. 

fog, hill, landscape of machu picchu in peru

This is merely the opening chapter of a story filled with mystery and intrigue. How did they transport and place massive stones in their constructions without the aid of modern tools? Theories abound, yet the true methods remain shrouded in mystery, a tantalizing puzzle for the ages. 

Yet, the intrigue doesn’t stop there…

polygonal stone wall in cusco peru

Bolivia: Tiwanaku and Puma Punku

Cross into Bolivia, and you’ll find yourself amidst even more unexplained mysteries, each waiting to captivate your imagination and spark your curiosity.

You will be in awe at Tiwanaku’s ancient megaliths…

sun,gate,tiwanaku in peru

…and then there’s Puma Punku’s precision-cut H Blocks—each piece a puzzle inviting you to unlock its mysteries, alongside mind-boggling magnetic anomalies that defy explanation.

H block at Puma Punku, showcasing the precision of ancient engineering and mystery.

Peru: Nazca Lines and Paracas Skulls

Look to the skies and question the purpose of Peru’s Nazca Lines, giant geoglyphs – visible only from above. 

Nasca lines geoglyphs of the humming bird

And don’t overlook the Paracas culture’s elongated skulls, a hotly debated topic for scholars and alternative historians alike. Are they a product of cranial deformation, or do they hint at something else?

Moreover, the debate over DNA stirs controversy, a mystery on the cusp of being unraveled.


Easter Island: Moai Statues and Rongorongo Script

Then, there’s Easter Island, one of the most remote locations on Earth, where the energy is so palpable, its like something is drawing you in.

If you’re into feeling the powerful vibes of sacred places, this is where you want to be.


Just being in these locations is often described as a “sacred” sensation – and you’ll likely feel it the moment you step foot on these storied grounds, where massive statues hint at an ancient people’s ingenuity—were they “walked” into place?

And the rongorongo script, still undeciphered, promises more secrets.

But here’s the kicker…

With a single turn of the shovel, what was once thought to be merely a stone Moai head,…

Mysterious moai statues of Easter Island, surrounded by the enigmatic beauty of Rapa Nui.

…unveiled an entire body hidden beneath the surface. 

But the real surprise is what they uncovered next…


Archaeologists found intricately carved undecipherable symbols on the back of the body that await explanation. 

But here’s where the mystery deepens. Some researchers notice similarities with what was discovered on the T-shaped pillars at Göbekli Tepe, despite being oceans apart!

One of our main focuses on the Easter Island expedition will be exploring and deciphering the mysterious glyphs and carvings on various ancient Moai statues.

What will we find on this trip? What conclusions will we come to? How will we shake up history?

You’ll explore the answers with some of the most passionate members of the Adept Expeditions community of explorers, lead by our host and founder, the esteemed symbolist author, Anyextee, right by your side.

Featuring Anyextee: Your Guide to the Esoteric

Discover the expertise of Anyextee, your guide to the esoteric world of ancient civilizations and history’s mysteries. 

Click on each section below to uncover the profound insights and unique experiences he offers.

Anyextee, an acclaimed esoteric author, world explorer, and visionary behind Adept Expeditions, stands as a preeminent figure in the exploration of ancient civilizations and esoteric traditions. With a profound passion for unraveling the mysteries of the past, Anyextee brings together rigorous academic research and profound esoteric wisdom to his expeditions. His mastery in deciphering ancient symbolism and rituals offers participants an unparalleled opportunity to immerse themselves in the secrets of history.

  • Egyptian Exploration: Anyextee is renowned for his significant contributions to Egyptian archaeology and his extensive work in decoding the mysteries of ancient Egypt.
  • Music Industry Success: As a former music industry CEO, Anyextee was featured in top-tier publications such as Billboard and Rolling Stone for his pioneering work.
  • Award-Winning Filmmaker: Anyextee’s documentaries on ancient mysteries have garnered critical acclaim, earning him recognition as an award-winning filmmaker.
  • Content Creation: With a strong presence on YouTube and other platforms, Anyextee shares his knowledge of ancient history, civilizations, and esoteric mysteries with a global audience.
  • Exclusive Insights: Anyextee offers participants exclusive insights into ancient sites, combining scholarly research with esoteric wisdom to provide a deeper understanding of their significance.
  • Unique Experiences: Participants can expect unique experiences that go beyond the conventional tourist path, including immersive activities and practical applications inspired by ancient esoteric traditions.
  • Personal Transformation: Guided by Anyextee, participants embark on a journey of personal transformation, tapping into the profound wisdom of ancient civilizations to gain new perspectives and insights.
  • Special Mentorship: Anyextee studied in Egypt under the tutelage of the late symbolist author and rogue Egyptologist John Anthony West, a revered luminary in the field, further enhancing his understanding of ancient wisdom and esoteric traditions.
  • Renowned Collaborations: Anyextee’s journey in unraveling ancient mysteries has led him to collaborate with esteemed institutions and influential figures in the field, including Freemasons, Rosicrucians, symbolist Richard Cassaro, engineer Christopher Dunn, author Keith Hamilton, Khemit School Khemitologists Stephen Mehler and Patricia Awyan, as well as popular Ancient History YouTubers Jahannah James, Ancient Architects, History with Kayleigh, and History for Granite, providing participants with a diverse and enriching perspective.
  • Documentary Productions: Anyextee has produced and narrated documentaries exploring the heritage of ancient mystery schools, including the acclaimed “Rosicrucians: Sacred History of the Rosicrucians.”
  • Consultations: Anyextee has consulted for grandmasters of prominent esoteric organizations such as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Knights Templar (TJMO), deepening his involvement in esoteric communities and furthering his understanding of ancient wisdom.
  • Educational Guide Production: Anyextee produced and narrated the “A Journey Through Ancient Egypt: Teachers Study Guide” for the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, showcasing his commitment to education and the preservation of ancient knowledge.
"Anyextee comes at you like a firehose of knowledge on these tours! Don't miss it!"
- Ellen McCurdy
Participant of previous Adept Expeditions Tours: 2017, 2020, 2021

Optional Post-Tour: Ancestral Insights

📅 Date: August 29-31, 2024

Embark on a transformative experience as you partcipate in age old indigenous traditions and delve into an ancestral shamanic journey with traditional planet medicines in the heart of the Andes.



You’ve probably heard Joe Rogan and Graham Hancock dive into the world of Ayahuasca on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, discussing its incredible impact as Amazonian science…

Well, now’s your chance not just to listen, but to live this experience and explore your own spiritual awakening.

Get ready to work closely with experienced and respected shamans, engaging in traditional Andean plant medicine ceremonies that have been a cornerstone of spiritual practice for centuries.

Kick off this profound journey on the first night with the sacred Ayahuasca ceremony in the breathtaking Sacred Valley. Then, elevate your experience on the second night with the Wachuma (San Pedro) ceremony, set against the backdrop of the ancient archaeological marvel of Killarumiyoc.

Rest assured, your safety and well-being are our top priorities. The ceremonies are conducted in a safe and supportive environment, under the guidance of experienced shamans who have deep knowledge of the plant medicines and their effects.


You’ll be fully supported with our skilled shaman and expert staff on hand throughout the experience, ensuring you can explore the depths of your consciousness with peace of mind.

These sacred ceremonies offer profound opportunities for spiritual awakening, healing, and personal transformation. Dive deep into introspection, connect with the wisdom of the earth (Pachamama), and tap into the knowledge of our ancestors.


Guided by the indigenous shamans, you’ll explore alternate realities, gain new insights, and uncover hidden truths about yourself and the world around you.

Be part of an esoteric odyssey, where the physical converges with the spiritual, and ancient ancestral wisdom guides your modern consciousness. If you feel called, may you find your way. 

Your journey into the ancestral realm of indigenous traditions promises to be a life-changing experience, offering a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the universe.

"This was a journey that truly changed my life. Words cannot express the sights, wonder, love, connection to that past, and energy experienced during this trip."
- Kaeden Reid
Participant of previous Adept Expeditions Tours: 2017, 2018

Tailoring Your Expedition Experience

Understanding that the journey with plant medicine may not be for everyone, Adept Expeditions ensures there are enriching alternative activities available.

For those who choose not to participate in the Ancestral Insights post-tour retreat, we’ve arranged additional archaeological site visits, which are also optional add-ons, ensuring every participant can tailor their expedition experience to their preferences before reuniting for the optional extension to Easter Island. These visits offer a chance to delve deeper into the rich history of the region and explore sites not covered in the main itinerary.

Optional Extension: Easter Island with Anyextee

📅 Date: August 31 – September 4, 2024

The Easter Island extension offers a captivating exploration into one of the most remote destinations on earth, delving deep into the ancient mysteries of the Moai. This segment is designed for those who seek to uncover the enigmatic secrets of ancient civilizations in an off-the-beaten-path adventure on one of the world’s most remote islands.


Special Incentive for Early Sign-Ups

Be among the first 10 Adept Explorers to join the Easter Island extension and receive an exclusive ‘Moai Music’ T-shirt designed by Anyextee, a token of the deeper connections made during our expedition.

"An adventure with Adept Expeditions will change your life. I would recommend the experience to everyone."
- Ryan Rios
Participant of previous Adept Expeditions Tours: 2017, 2019

Your Itinerary to the Mysteries: A Day-by-Day Guide Through Peru & Bolivia

Ready to Explore?

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of history – join us on this unforgettable expedition into the unknown.

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Opportunities to explore Easter Island are vanishing quickly, and time is of the essence! This is a RARE once-in-a-lifetime chance, as we won’t be returning anytime soon.

Don’t miss out—act swiftly to claim your spot on this unparalleled adventure. Experience the enchantment of the Easter Island extension before it’s too late!

Limited to the first 30 12 Adept Explorers ONLY!


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