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Embark on an enthralling journey through time and history on the Lost Cities of the Maya tour in Yucatan, guided by the esteemed explorers: Anyextee, renowned esoteric symbolist and tour leader; Luke Caverns,  distinguished anthropologist; John Lundwall,  accomplished archaeoastronomer; and Evans Smith, esteemed Joseph Campbell scholar.

This immersive adventure will sweep you away on an unforgettable expedition through some of the most mysterious and awe-inspiring ancient Mayan sites.

Each step will unveil the mysteries of a once-flourishing civilization, blending the wisdom of esoteric research, anthropology, archaeoastronomy, and the rich tapestry of Joseph Campbell’s insights into the archetypal world.

You will embark on a profound expedition that delves into the esoteric symbolism, anthropology, archaeology, archaeoastronomy, and archetypes of the Maya civilization. Our journey commences in Uxmal, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where the colossal pyramids, palaces, and intricate stone carvings will leave you spellbound. Guided by the expertise of Anyextee, Luke Caverns, John Lundwall, and Evans Smith, you will unravel the cultural, architectural, and astronomical significance of each structure, painting a vivid picture of life in the Mayan era.

What really sets this journey apart is the timing—it unfolds during the Equinox, a celestial event that holds profound significance for the ancient Maya. As the Equinox approaches, you’ll have a unique opportunity to witness the remarkable effects it has on these sacred sites, as they align with celestial bodies in ways that illuminate the rich tapestry of Mayan beliefs and knowledge of the cosmos.

Our adventure begins with an exxclusive private sunrise ceremony led by a Maya shaman amidst the ancient ruins, offering a rare glimpse into authentic Maya spiritual practices during this celestial alignment. This unique opportunity will forge a connection with ancient traditions and deepen your comprehension of the Mayan language and belief system.

Next, your path leads you to the hidden gem of Ek Balam, nestled in the Yucatan jungle. Renowned for its remarkably preserved stucco facades and captivating hieroglyphics, this site offers a distinctive opportunity to explore lesser-known ruins, imbuing your journey with an air of mystery and exclusivity.

No Maya tour of the Yucatan Maya tour is complete without a visit to the iconic Chichen Itza. Marvel at the Kukulkan Pyramid, also known as El Castillo, and witness the awe-inspiring Light & Sound Show, where the ancient tales of the Mayan deities and rulers come to life in a spectacular multimedia presentation.

But the enchantment doesn’t cease there. Venture further off the beaten path to discover the concealed jewel of Lol Tun, an underground realm adorned with stunning limestone formations and ancient ceremonial chambers. This exclusive private visit promises an otherworldly experience as you explore the mystical depths of the earth.

In addition to the well-known ruins, you’ll have the privilege of visiting Puuc sites such as Labna, a lesser-known yet equally impressive site adorned with remarkable archways and intricate stone carvings. This hidden marvel will captivate you with its charm and historical significance.

Our expedition will lead us deep into the heart of the lush Yucatan jungle, where, guided by the expertise of Anyextee, Luke Caverns, John Lundwall, and Evans Smith we will venture into the wilderness, where few tourists have ever tread. Our journey will unveil obscure and rarely visited ruins like Xkichnook, an enigmatic site veiled in mystery and seclusion, where ancient stories are etched in stone, waiting to be uncovered.

As we traverse the dense undergrowth, we’ll chance upon hidden ruins that time has forgotten, allowing us to step back in time and connect with the whispers of the past. Surrounded by the symphony of nature and the echoes of history, this off-the-beaten-path experience promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure as we unveil the secrets of these forgotten ruins, revealing the captivating tales of the ancient Maya civilization that have long remained shrouded from the world.

Throughout the tour, Anyextee, Luke Caverns, John Lundwall, and Evans Smith will be right by your side to share their extensive knowledge and passion for Mayan history, language, archaeology, archaeoastronomy, and culture, transforming each stop on the itinerary into an enriching and enlightening experience. Their expertise and genuine ardor for exploration guarantee that you will depart with a profound appreciation for the ancient Maya civilization.

The Lost Cities of the Maya tour with Anyextee, Luke Caverns, John Lundwall, and Evans Smith promises an extraordinary odyssey through the heart of the Yucatan, where history, spirituality, archaeology, archaeoastronomy, and culture converge to craft an unforgettable journey of a lifetime, heightened by the celestial spectacle of the Equinox. Prepare to be astonished, inspired, and forever transformed by the extraordinary wonders of the ancient Maya worlds


** Spots for this tour will Run Out Fast**

The Mayan civilization presents some of ancient history’s most enduring mysteries. But by the time this week long journey is over you will have developed a deeper understanding for one of the world’s most enigmatic civilizations.

Included in this package:

• 7 days of connection and adventure on a journey to discover the Lost Cities of the Maya.
• 6 nights of luxurious accommodations.
• Beautiful breakfast buffets daily, 3 catered lunches during road trips, and a Farewell dinner party.
• A Warm Welcome Reception and Orientation.
• All Travel in Yucatan including Luxury Coach with Driver.
• Kukulkan Pyramid Light & Sound Show at Chichen Itza.
• Sacred Cenote Swim Experience.
• A PRIVATE VIP Maya shaman sunrise ceremony at Uxmal.
• A PRIVATE VIP tour to hidden ruins few eyes ever see.
• Guided tours to powerful sacred sites, ancient ruins, temples, and pyramids.
• Exploring evidence of archaeastronomy at archaeological sites.
• All entry fees, tips and honorariums.
• Private Yucatec Mayan-to-English speaking translator.

Not Included:

• Airfare to Mérida and return from Mérida
• Liability, travel and personal injury insurance of any kind.
• Drinks ans meals not specified


$3494 per person
sharing double occupancy

Single supplement: $497
$1000 per person deposit

March 17-23, 2024:

Yucatan Maya Tour Itinerary

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Latest Reviews

” The Mysteries of the Maya expedition was a phenomenal experience – the decades of combined research by Anyextee and Karina gave our group a deep understanding of a long-gone culture and the symbolism carved into its stone structures. From the sunrise ceremony at Uxmal to Grutas de Lol-Tun and everything in between – our close-knit band of adventurers went on a life changing journey together. “


Ellen McCurdy, 2017

“Adept Expedition’s Mysteries of the Maya study trip was an extraordinary journey into the heart of the Maya culture. The week was jam packed with visits to numerous archaeological sites, knowledgeable and excellent presentations, amazing food and recreation, comraderie and free time to enjoy the plush accommodations and truly bond with other members. Blending archeology, history and tradition with mysticism, the sites visited, the discoveries made, the bonds of affection formed with the Yucatán and each member of the group continue to affect me. An adventure with Adept Expeditions will change your life. I would recommend the experience to everyone. Here’s to returning again…Yum Bo’otik!”


Ryan Rios, 2019

” This was a journey that truly changed my life. Words cannot express the sights, wonder, love, connection to that past, and energy experienced during this trip. Even weeks later, I can still feel the properties of what I had learned in my day to day life. I was nervous initially, but once meeting our group, I had never felt so safe. This was an amazing first travel, and will not be my last with the group. “


Kaeden Reid, 2017

” Our experience in the yucatan with Anyextee and Karina was one of the most joyous, enriching, spiritual, and wonderful experiences of our lives. To say it changed our lives is an understatement. The knowledge, energy and passion of everyone involved has created lifelong connections and friendships and Anyextee and Karina’s expertise, passion and knowledge of the Mayan culture is phenomenal, uplifting and eye opening. We cannot recommend it enough “


Sarah Limacher & Carl Webley, 2017

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