Tezcatlipoca: The Obsidian Smoking Mirror



In history Tezcatlipoca was seen as a perverse and dark god. I know its cliche but true nonetheless, history was written by those who conquered. You can take the word history and divide it as such: his-story. In the first place the Mexica or Aztecs did not think in terms of gods or god but in principles. Tezcatilipoca is pure spirit and no other principle but the dark one was called Titlacahuan “that which we all are”.

Moon Energy

Tezcatlipoca is the duality of Quetzalcoatl since Quetzalcoatl represents light and Tezcatlipoca represents darknesss.  Darkness in the Mexica ancient traditions is not evil but rather another light form to work with and represents moon energy. The black Tezcatlipoca representations depicted this energy with reflective metallic tints, a black veil over his face, and an obsidian mirror in his chest from where he can see humanities actions and thoughts. From the obsidian mirror emanates smoke that kills his enemies. There are other known representations of this principle.

What is Tezcatlipoca?

What really is Tezcatlipoca? We can say that tezcatlipoca is is a mirror that reflects the essence that we are, it is the confrontation of our true selfs. Tezcatlipoca is us, we are staring back at our ourselves. This principle is the realm of all possibilities, it governs what we know and yet do not know. Tezcatlipoca is essentially and abstract concept that deals with primordial consciousness of which is present in all the universe and also within us. Tezcatlipoca is a principal representing self and cosmic consciousness.

There are four Tezcatlipocas which Represent Principles. We will get deeper into the meaning of each in a separate blog. Below are the four Tezcatlipocas:



East-Red-Xipe Totec


The Smoking Mirror

Tezcatlipoca, the smoking mirror, has many attributes which makes it difficult to understand. Practicioners of this ancient practice put a mirror infront of their students to make them grasp the concept of reflecting on oneself to know our finite and infinite potential. Tezcatlipoca was defined by many names which made it hard to decipher it’s attributes.

Below are names used in reference to the black Tezcatlipoca which describes our personality attributes:

1.Moyocoyani: the essence of inner being, reflection of oneself.

2.Yocoya: our perception

3.Monenequi: the perception of our life/personality

4.Moquehqueloa: the inner voice of this life path which can be critical towards our own growth

5.Tlahnequi: sexual energy-creation

6:Yaotl: our inner opposition

7.Necoc Yaotl: our warring self

8.Telpochtli: the side of our personality who falls into weakness and temptation

9.Chalchiuhtotolin: feelings of superiority

The Correspondence of the black Tezcatlipoca:

Color: Black
Cardinal Point: North
Planet: Saturn
Element: Earth
Stage of Life: Death
Agony, Depression or Dark Night of The Soul
Animal: Jaguar

It expresses duality-primordial space-time and space-the origin of all life in the universe. Self awareness. It is the age old aphorism “Know Thyself”. Know who you are..You are both flesh and cosmos, the cosmos is a reflection of you and you are a reflection of the cosmos. This principle is about achieving a spiritual death just as in the Egyptian culture when the initiate climbs into the sarcophagus to experience a spiritual death/rebirth but instead here we use an obsidian mirror.

Obsidian MirrorPractice

Use a mirror an obsidian mirror preferably and stare into it for about thirty minutes. Try to describe yourself while you look into this mirror, keep a journal and date every entry. This way you can see how you have grown to Know Yourself with time. The mirror can act as a gateway to other worlds where you can alter reality, summon energies, see the past, future, and present…For now lets just focus on trying to understand who we are.

Most people don’t want to work on something they can’t see nor touch which is our spiritual essence. They are stuck in the material and think that anything abstract is not worth the time. We have to remember that the first enemy we have to conquer is ourselves.

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