History of Uxmal


Ancient History of Uxmal

The history of Uxmal is a bit of a mystery. Uxmal’s origins are drenched in both complexities and distortions. While the REAL truth remains totally obscured at the hands of missionaries who have re-written history, fragmentary texts, architectural styles and inscriptions found on-site help paint a portrait of the past.

Archaeologists have not yet reached a firm conclusion on dates for the founding of Uxmal, but they have determined that the city’s construction phases took place during the Classic Puuc period sometime between A.D. 770 and 950, with major construction occurring late in that period, although artifacts found on-site point to a much earlier occupation dating back to 500 BCE.

Evidence to support both Uxmal’s occupation and lost origins includes inscriptions discovered on the ring marker from the Ball Court (Ball Court 1)  giving a date of A.D. 905 as well as handwritten accounts registered in the books of the Chilam Balam referencing Uxmal’s founder arriving in the seventh century, although specific dates registered in the various codices are in conflict.

The Chilam Balam also accounts for a second occupation which took place in the 10th century, when the Toltec influenced Nahua arrived and left traces in the buildings of Uxmal. The records show he arrived in 987 with the virtuous Xiues in 987 to 1000. With them brought Toltec flavor, Kukulkan, Tloc even thought Maya had Chac, needed for rain, Mexican features can be seen on the mask.

The Ruins of Uxmal

Location of the House of Uxmal

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