The Osiris Shaft Black Goo Mystery Finally Solved

The Osiris Shaft Black Goo Mystery Finally Solved: What’s Really Down There?

Finally! We've Dug Deep Into The Osiris Shaft And Uncovered The Truth About Black Goo

In my last video we took a closer look at the mysterious black goo inside the Osiris Shaft!

We delved into how scientists at the British Museum were able to analyze samples of Egyptian black goo from new kingdom coffins and beyond, to determine its composition unlocking a variety of fascinating information – both symbolic and practical. We also had an in-depth look at this mysterious sticky substance’s spiritual significance throughout history, symbolised regeneration in Egypt and the god Osiris.

But here’s where things really start to get sticky!

While the tests revealed certain properties about Egyptian black goo, they weren’t from samples taken directly from the Osiris Shaft so can we really conclude this is the case for the Osiris shaft or could there be a hidden truth out there awaiting discovery?

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