Anyextee Investigates Kukulkan Chichen Itza

NEVER Before Seen Video of the HIDDEN 2nd Pyramid INSIDE Kukulkan at Chichen Itza with Anyextee

Only few have seen inside the Pyramid of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza. Despite being one of the new seven wonders of the world, unfortunately, the interior of this iconic pyramid is not well documented in video format on Youtube. The interior is no longer open to the general public.

The Kukulkan Pyramid or “El Castillo” at Chichen Itza, located in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, isn’t simply one pyramid, but actually three pyramidal structures in total. In this video, Anyextee takes us inside to climb up the top of the second hidden pyramid so that we can investigate and experience the concealed chambers within.

Inside El castilo kukulkan-pyramid temple jaguar throne anyextee

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Location of the Kukulkan Pyramid in Chichen Itza

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