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Sheikh el-Balad: Illumined Priest of Ancient Egypt Discovered at Saqqara


Something STRANGE happened in 1870 at the burial grounds in the Old Kingdom site of Saqqara Egypt

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While the workers commissioned by the famous Egyptologist and French scholar, Francois Auguste Ferdinand Mariette were excavating a Mastaba, they revealed this RARE life-like masterpiece.

They decided to give this statue the Arabic title of Sheikh el-Balad, which means “chief of the village”, because it resembled the chief of their own village.

It’s interesting to note that even to this day, the indigenous village leaders of upper Egypt, descendants of the ancient Egyptians, share similar facial features. And to this day, the village elders even wear the same dress.

His name is actually Ka-aper, a village chief, erudite orator and high ranking initiate of the priesthood in charge of chanting the sacred sounds uttered in temples and funerary chapels for the deceased.

He was discovered holding a scepter in his right hand, a symbol for ones ability to fix spirit into matter. Both, the scepter and stick held in his left hand, now replaced by a modern replica, indicate this enlightened priest’s high degree of initiation.

The material used is wood. Likely to be imported from Lebanon, making this statue both very VALUABLE and RARE because during this time, the Egyptian desert experienced a limited number of trees. In fact, supplies of timber were regarded as hard to come by or precious, so this kind of wood material was an expensive resource reserved for the elite.

The ancient Egyptians use of organic material allowed for a more life-like expression.


You can get lost in a daze for what feels like endless hours when staring directly into those eyes.

They penetrate, vivify and animate our whole being, evoking a zero point of balance within ourself and the environment around us.

When looking into Ka-aper’s eyes, you are looking into the eyes of the illumined, inspired by an individual who possessed specialized knowledge and esoteric wisdom.

The in-laid eyes, made of rock and crystal quartz maintain a life-like quality unrivaled by later periods that evoke an almost trance-like state from those subject to HIS field of vision.

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See him, SEEING YOU.

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