THEY are NOT the Mayans and THIS is NOT the Mayan Calendar

Are you still referring to these remarkable people as “The Mayans”, and the sophisticated calendar as “the Mayan calendar”?
If so, It’s okay, you are not alone…
Referring to these people as “The Mayans” or the calendar as “The Mayan Calendar” is a common misnomer.

So Mayans, Mayas, or Maya?

Here is everything you need to know about the correct protocol:
Many people assume that the word “Maya” is to be used a singular noun, “Mayas” a plural noun, and “Mayan” an adjective. The misuse these three terms is not all that unusual however you can show respect for the indigenous tradition by arming yourself with the facts.

The fact is, the word “Maya” should be used in all three of the above situations.

Even here at Adept Expeditions we have been guilty of this mistake as to reach more people. It is more likely someone will be searching for the key word term “Mayan” and we are aware of this so we continue to use the incorrect protocol however this creates conflict as we feel it is a disservice to the indigenous tradition.

We do however hope to educate more people in effect to eventually shift the tide and create an environment where we can carry out the correct protocol wherever possible.

Here are some specific examples showing correct usage:

As a singular noun: She is (a) Maya.

She is NOT a Mayan! She is (a) Maya.
She is NOT a Mayan! She is (a) Maya.


As a plural noun: They are Maya.

Maya children, Yucatan
Maya children, Yucatan. They are Maya.


As an adjective: Maya astronomy, Maya calendar, Maya civilization, Maya clothing, Maya culture, Maya folklore, Maya food, Maya glyphs, Maya hairstyle, Maya heritage, Maya hieroglyphs, Maya pyramids, Maya religion, Maya ritual, Maya warfare.

This is NOT the MAYAN Calendar

Now it gets a little more complicated with the name of the spoken language…

The word “Mayan” actually refers to the family of 29 to 32 languages spoken by the Maya.

However, there is one exception to this: according to The Open School of Ethnography and Anthropology,

The use of these words suddenly gets complicated…There is one Mayan language whose proper name is “Maya”! The native speakers of Yucatec Maya call their language Maya. Maya is the correct proper name of the language that they speak.

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