One of the Greatest Finds in All of Egyptology!

“One of the greatest finds in all of Egyptology” – that is what my mentor, the late, great symbolist author and rogue egyptologist, John Anthony West called it. The man pictuerd sitting next to me below was responsible for it.

Anyextee and Dr Dr. Elsayed Hegazy Luxor cachette Egypt

It was both – an honor and a priviledge to have Dr. Elsayed Hegazy relate his personal experience in connection to this discovery at the Luxor Temple, dubbed The Temple of Man by French Hermeticist R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz in symbolist approach.

Dr. Hegazy shared his personal story with such enthusiasm. Despite being present in his beautiful home in Luxor, Egypt where he hosted my wife and I for several nights, his descriptive story transported us right back to the 1980s, to the Luxor Temple where he discovered the Luxor cachette. (Currently on display at the Luxor Museum which we lead tours too during our Esoteric Egypt tour in September)

After the story telling, I wasted not a single moment by digging through his wife’s esoteric library, sparing no book in their private home collection.

Among the books I immersed myself in was her own rare work on Akhenaten. This was of particular interest to me given my Rosicrucian studies and the Rosicrucian order, AMORC’s connection to Akhenaten. She has been a long time member the Rosicrucian order, a soror who embodies the wisdom of the teachings of the tradition and she’s been a dear friend for a number of years. 

Click below to read my full article for the story and a virtual visit to see the remnants of his discovery in the Luxor museum, a discovery that John Anthony West felt was some of Ancient Egypt’s most remarkable work.


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