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This Esoteric Life and The Inner Sanctum of Sekhmet

This Esoteric Life podcast recently featured me as a guest speaker.

This podcast is a MUST LISTEN!

This Esoteric Life

I had a lot of fun doing this show. It’s been years since producing my own podcast where roles were reversed and I was the host interviewing other researchers. It’s been even longer since I’ve been invited to speak on someone else’s podcast as a featured guest.

Previous appearances were focussed on my experience as a record label CEO and/or conscious Hip Hop artist, but this was refreshing because we discussed what it was like for me to leave a successful career in the music industry behind in order to pursue esoteric research full time.

If you are on the path, living the esoteric life, you’ll appreciate this podcast because we dig into occult science and the ancient mysteries.

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During the podcast, the host manages to catch me in RARE form, as I share a NEVER BEFORE TOLD personal story about a mystical experience that took place in Egypt during a study trip with John Anthony West.

Within the inner sanctum of Sekhmet something really strange happened…


The structure has been referred to as the chapel, shrine or sanctum of Sekhmet, the divine feminine lioness.

She is the powerful consort of the Egyptian neter, Ptah who represents the word, spirit manifesting into matter. 


Sekhmet is best known for her violent characterstics that cause destruction and illness. However, she also has the power to heal.


Legend tells us how those who visit her, must please the goddess by leaving offerings at her statue. If this is done correctly, Sekhmet would bring peace and help when sick or at war.

Prepartions are made outside Sekhmet’s chapel before ceremony


Through the fiery rays of the sun she Sekhmet has the power to both destroy and heal.


In medieval alchemical terms, she facilitates the first stage or operation of alchemy known as Calcination, where one first works with fire, burning the undesireables down to ash, in order to purify matter. We find the process of Calcination encoded within the text of the Emerald Tablet and the Azoth of the Philosophers, a meditative mandala from the Hermetic alchemical tradition, points to it as the first operation an alchemist must perform.

Syncing with Sekhmet can bring one into balance or alignment with ma’at, but this particular Sekhmet statue is not easy to find.


The chapel of Sekhmet is located within an obscure section of the enormous temple complex of Karnak known as the temple of Ptah.

Further, she is hidden behind locked doors that conceal her powerful presence.

anyextee-ptah-sekhmetThe average spectator tour won’t have the opportunity to experinece this but members of our adept expeditions are always treated to obscure power places which are often passed over by the casual tourist.

Once inside you can expect to find a majestic statue that predates the biblical Christ by hundreds of years. Be sure to bring her an offering. If you are fortunate Sekhmet will make her presence felt. This can happen in different ways for different people.


When approaching my research work, I aim to keep scholarly standards in mind, so I have been slow to discuss this subject which teeters on the edge of the “paranormal”.  However, I can’t deny my personal experience.

Anyextee-Sekhmet-meditationI believe this location is one of the most potent power places on our planet and perhaps a portal. Pictures were posted in the past but I’ve never publicly detailed my personal experience until now.

You can enjoy the show on your favorite podcast cast app or you can listen to the podcast here: http://thisesotericlife.com/blog/2019/3/10/anyextee-esoteric-egypt-and-the-alchemy-of-life

I’ve made it my life’s mission to develop a deeper understanding for the underpinning occult science that happened on that day. During the podcast, I also reveal what I discovered after having spoke with some prominent figures about my experience and the ancient energies present inside the chapel of Sekhmet. I’ll be writing more about what I discovered in my book. For now, please enjoy the podcast!

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