Exploring Ancient Turkey Discover Sogmatar Lost City

A Virtual Tour of Ancient Turkey with Anyextee Part 1: Sogmatar Eski Sumatar Harabesi

A Virtual Tour of Ancient Turkey with Anyextee Part 1: Sogmatar Eski Sumatar Harabesi

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Are you ready to take a tour of Gobelkli Tepe, Karahan Tepe, and the Sogmatar ancient ruins of Turkey?

Is it safe to travel to Turkey?

That’s the first question I always get asked after people learn about my travels there. The short answer is that it’s generally safe to travel to Turkey, but you should take additional safety precautions. Turkey has begun to slowly restore its tourism sector.

During my travels through Turkey and exploring the arhcaeological sites there I did quite a bit of filming to document and journal the experience. I’m happy to share all of that with you over time. Many of you have an interest in Gobekli Tepe and eager to dig into some of the other ancient ruins of Turkey. So that is why I decided to create this virtual tour series for you.

Before traveling to Turkey in-the-flesh I can offer you this virtual tour of Turkey’s most ancient sacred sites. So if you are an intrepid travler whose bucklet list includes Gobekli Tepe or an armchair archaeologist with an interest in researching the ancient mysteries of Turkey, this series is for you.

In part 1 of this series I’m not only taking you on journey to explore the home of the legends of the lost hall of records in Turkey, but what I believe l is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world that noone is really talking about! Here is the first video about how I stumbled upon Sogmatar Ancient City of the Moon God.

Anyextee at Sogmatar 2018After watching the video If you would like to dig deeper and learn more about Sogmatar, such as:

  • The Ancient Mysterious Writing Carved in the Sacred Hill at Sogmatar
  • The Archeoastronomy at Sogmatar
  • The Legends of the lost stones
  • The Sabians of Harran
  • The Water Rituals of the Mandeans

You can get more details about Sogmatar Eski Sumatar Harabesi in my FULL REPORT BELOW:



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