MYSTERIES of the MAYA TOUR of the YUCATAN | November 2020 Join a group of the world's most passionate seekers of truth lead by Anyextee and Karina Itzcoatl for the Mysteries of the Maya tour of the Yucatan this November 13-29, 2020 LEARN MORE
Join a group of the world’s most passionate seekers of truth lead by Anyextee and Karina Itzcoatl as we unravel some of history’s most enigmatic ancient mysteries.

Your Tour Package Includes: All transportation within Yucatan, hotels, daily breakfast, some lunches and dinner, site entrance fees, and guides. Not Included: Flight to/from Merida, liability, travel and personal injury insurance of any kind.
Single Room Supplement: $325 USD  / Deposit: $750 (Non-refundable)

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Join a group of the world’s most passionate seekers of truth, lead by esoteric researchers Anyextee and Karina Itzcoatl on an adept expedition to study the sacred symbology and hidden esoteric teachings of Mexico’s wisdom keepers.



Anyextee is a world traveler, esoteric researcher, author, public speaker, filmmaker, artist & tour guide called to investigate the ancient mysteries, metaphysics and mysticism. He transformed his passion for exploration into a symbolist tour company dedicated to providing travelers with more meaningful experiences. He is a former music industry CEO, the producer for The Sacred History of the Rosicrucians and founder of Ancient Egypt Mystery Schools, Adept Initiates and Adept Expeditions where he leads tours through the Yucatan, Mexico, and Egypt. Anyextee is on a mission to raise consciousness.


Karina Itzcoatl

Fascinated by Maya and Aztec achivement Karina was called to explore the heritage of her ancestors at an early age. As a practioner of nagualism she has extenstively studied the historical indigenous identity of Aztec culture. She is also a student of neuroscience, a member of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, and serves as Administrative Director at Adept Initiates. Karina is dedicated to facilitating transformational experiences.


DAY 1: Sunday November 13th - Arrival in Mérida / Transfer to Uxmal

Hacienda UxmalYou are greeted by our local rep at Mérida intl airport (MID) then transferred to the hotel. We’ll be making our home base the historical Hacienda Uxmal, conveniently located just across the street from the Uxmal Pyramids. Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Phillip of England, Prince Rainer & Grace of Monaco, Jacqueline Kennedy and her family, along with the Yucatan’s pioneering mayanists, archaeologists and adventurers have all enjoyed the comfort of the historical Hacienda Uxmal while exploring the Yucatan. No meals on this day since most people arrive in the evening. (Overnight in Uxmal)

DAY 2: Monday November 14th - Maya Sunrise Ceremony and Uxmal

maya-shaman-ceremonyImagine standing on an ancient mayan ceremonial site before sunrise, the stillness is disturbed only by the breeze and natural sounds of the jungle. A Maya Jmen (shaman) performs a sacred ceremony according to the tradition of his ancestors, and together we raise the vibration with the rising sun. Now imagine no more – because that is exactly how we will get initiated! The shamanic wisdom keeper will answer any questions you may have with commentary translated from the Maya Yucatec language into English for you.

One of the trip’s highlights is this visit to the legendary classical city of Uxmal. We will take you through every point of interest in this UNESCO Heritage Site, including a number off the beaten path that again feed into our Ancient Mysteries theme.

DAY 3: Tuesday November 15 - Mystery Ruins and Xkichmook


Grab your Indiana Jones hat because you’ll get a chance to experience two lesser known Maya sites buried in the jungle. Our teams trained anthropologist will join our Adept Expedition on this day and he’ll be happy to answer all of your questions. We visit the Maya village of ‘Xul’ which means ‘the end’. You’ll get special access to private land where we explore hidden uncharted ‘mystery’ ruins. There Karina will provide an explanation for an ancient symbol venerated by the Maya. This site is nearly untouched and rarely visited by man. In fact, we are the only tour operator leading groups to these sites.

Xkichmook aka "The Buried Beauty" | Photo by Ellen McCurdy

We’ll enjoy lunch on the bus as we travel to Xkichmook, “The Buried Beauty”.  Following excavations by Thompson in the 1880s only minor consolidation work has been performed by INAH in the 1980s. We take short hike off the beaten path and through the jungle before the temple come into view. Our team’s Anthropologist will identify the rare combination of Puuc and Chenes style architecture and Anyextee will point out his discovery at this site and a second discovery made by a guest on one of our previous community adventures. Since little is actually known you’ll have plenty of time to explore this incredible site  – and perhaps make your own discoveries! (Overnight in Uxmal) (B,L)

DAY 4: Wednesday November 16: Ek Balam and Chichén Itzá Evening Light & Sound Show

Ek Balam mayan monster mask

Morning departure with lunch served on bus. Ek Balam is a spectacular site only recently excavated by archaeologists. You’ll see the active archaeological dig with some of the best examples of Maya artwork and architecture in the region including the Royal Tomb of Ukit Kan Lek Tok, a previously unknown Maya king who was one of the most powerful rulers in Maya history. Climb to the top of the Acropolis and  feel the energy between the jaws of the Witz monster. Ek Balam is home to the winged statues, the only ones of their kind in the world of the Maya.


Next we travel to Chichén Itzá and check into Mayaland. We’ll visit Chichen Itza after hours for its famous light & sound show. You’ll experience not just the captivating visuals, but the unique surging energy of Chichén Itzá’s main plaza at night. . (Overnight in Chichén Itzá at Mayaland Hotel & Bungalows) (B,L)

DAY 5: Thursday November 17 - Chichén Itzá

We enter in the same fashion as the ancient initiates once did by using the original – and now private – entrance which features a traditional Maya arch that marked the point of entry for ancient visitors. In this way we experience one of the 7 wonders of the modern world as it was first intended by the ancient builders. You’ll have the full day to explore the amazing site of Chichén Itzá. Chichén Itzá had priests and priestesses with high spiritual development who taught throughout the Maya lands. They taught Astronomy, Art, the Philosophical meaning of the words, the secrets of the knowledge held inside the glyphs, cycles of agriculture with the moon and the Planet Venus, and the great eras of humankind in cycles of 5,125 years, called the Long Account Calendar. Other features include the Ball Court, Sacred Cenote and Observatory, among others. Lunch is not included today but we’ll have several options on-site before we travel back to Uxmal. (Overnight in Uxmal) (B)

DAY 6: Friday November 18 - Lol-Tun Cave and Labna

lol-tun-caveIn Maya belief caves offer a portal to Xibalba (the underworld), where the spirits live with supernatural beings, and the roots of the great World Tree are found. Esoterically speaking, the Cave represents the womb of Mother Earth and is “The Place Where Fire Transforms the Essences of Humankind.”


LabnaAfter lunch we’ll explore Labna: a smaller, less crowded ceremonial center that’s perfect for an intimate closing meditation. It is connected with the cosmic knowledge of the calendars. In the glyphs found carved on the walls we can see the symbols of the constellations, the sun, the moon, Venus, the stars, and even the Caduceus of Mercury. We will also see the Observatory at Labna where the Maya, through the Sacred Cosmic Knowledge of KuKulKan, “The Serpent in the Cosmos”, opened their Chakras to receive messages from the Stars. (Overnight in Uxmal) (B,L,D)

Spots for The Mysteries of the Maya expedition are running out FAST!

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Single Room Supplement: $325 USD  / Deposit: $750 (Non-refundable)

Your tour package includes: Airport/hotel transfer on arrival and departure dates, transportation in a private air conditioned coach, 6 nights hotel accomodation in double room, 6 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 1 farewell dinner, entry fees for all sites listed on itinerary, Bilingual guide service (English / Spanish / Yucatec-Maya), sunrise ceremony w/ shaman, tips and honorariums. Not included: International flight to and from Merida, Mexico. Drinks, wine, beer, beverages with meals, personal expenses, room service, laundry, cancelation, medical, liability, travel or personal Injury Insurance of any kind and any meal or item item not specified on itinerary.

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[cl-review quote=”The Mysteries of the Maya expedition was a phenomenal experience – the decades of combined research by Anyextee and Karina gave our group a deep understanding of a long-gone culture and the symbolism carved into its stone structures. From the sunrise ceremony at Uxmal to Grutas de Lol-Tun and everything in between – our close-knit band of adventurers went on a life changing journey together.” author=”Ellen Mckurdy” occupation=”Mysteries of the Maya | Yucatan, Mexico – 2017″ type=”quote” layout=”clean”][cl-review quote=”This was a journey that truly changed my life. Words cannot express the sights, wonder, love, connection to that past, and energy experienced during this trip. Even weeks later, I can still feel the properties of what I had learned in my day to day life. I was nervous initially, but once meeting our group, I had never felt so safe. This was an amazing first travel, and will not be my last with the group.” author=”Kaeden Reid” occupation=”Mysteries of the Maya | Yucatan, Mexico – 2017″ type=”quote” layout=”clean”][cl-review quote=”Adept Expedition’s 2017 Mysteries of the Maya study trip was an extraordinary journey into the heart of the Maya culture. The week was jam packed with visits to numerous archaeological sites, knowledgeable and excellent presentations, amazing food and recreation, comraderie and free time to enjoy the plush accommodations and truly bond with other members. Blending archeology, history and tradition with mysticism, the sites visited, the discoveries made, the bonds of affection formed with the Yucatán and each member of the group continue to affect me. An adventure with Adept Expeditions will change your life. I would recommend the experience to everyone. Here’s to returning in 2018…Yum Bo’otik!” author=”Ryan Rios” occupation=”Mysteries of the Maya | Yucatan, Mexico – 2017″ type=”quote” layout=”clean”]