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This trip was INSANE! – Jahannah James

Sept 2022 Sphinx

We just returned from our sold out September 2022 Ancient Technology & Esoteric Symbolism Egypt tour and it was a huge success! 

I introduced Jahannah James to the Sekhmet statue at Karnak during this trip. 

"This Trip Was INSANE!" - Jahannah James

Watch Jahannah’s reaction to Sekhmet in this video captured during our latest tour.

Jahannah James wasn’t alone in her astonishment as other members of our adept expeditions tour group also reported unusual experiences. Strange occurances inside the sancturary of Sekhmet are not uncommon during our adept expeditions tours.

Generally speaking, I’m not one to have these sort of experiences, but I witnessed something very strange. It’s not something I talk about too often but I do tell the story during my esoteric tours of Egypt. And I did publicly share my Sekhmet experinece some years back, when I was invited to be a guest on This Esoteric Life podcast.

You can watch the videos and look at images on the internet, but nothing compares to actually experiencing Sekhmet first-hand during our esoteric tours of Egypt. 

Our last trip was such huge success that it sold out right away. We had much overspill, so in order to meet the demand of our waiting list, we decided to launch a second tour. And you can be a part of this one! 

Back by popular demand:

Adept Expeditions proudly announces, the launching of a unique and exciting trip, The Ancient Technology & Esoteric Symbolism tour of Egypt II (MARCH 8 – 20, 2023) featuring Anyextee & Jahannah James! 

On this epic adventure-of-a-lifetime, we will walk you through the esoteric experience on-site. In the very heart of Egypt!

You’ve already watched Anyextee and Jahannah James videos on youtube. You’ve watched the experinece of others. Here’s your chance to experience Esoteric Egypt for yourself.

This is your opportunity to be part of an epic esoteric adventure-of-a-lifetime (as well as your opportunity to experience Sekhmet first-hand). Few are those who walk away from this unmoved. 

From searching for evidence of lost technology to having deeply profound esoteric experiences, it’s all here. If you love Egyptian history and mysteries like we do, then this trip is for you! 

There is limited space for this event and spaces are already filling up fast! 

Secure your spot today by making a deposit right now. This tour will sell out!

Join Anyextee and Jahannah James in Egypt to hunt for evidence of ancient technology and study the esoteric symbolism of one of the world’s most advanced civilziations. 

An Adept Expedition awaits.

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