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What better way to study sacred symbolism then by traveling with our leading experts right by your side?


Your Featured Speakers:

Anyextee x Karina Itzcoatl x Eddie Ra

Picture of Karina Itzcoatl

Karina Itzcoatl

Karina Itzcoatl is an Indigenous Wisdom Teacher, Researcher, Journalist, and Expedition Tour Leader.
Fascinated by Mesoamerican achievement Karina was called to explore the heritage of her ancestors at an early age. She has extensively studied the historical identity of Mexika (Aztec), Tarascan, and Maya indigenous traditions. She is also a Rosicrucian and practioner of the 4th Way. Click below to learn more about Karina Itzcoatl.

Picture of Eddie Ra

Eddie Ra

Eddie Ra is a legend in esoteric circles. He is the founder of the venderable and incredibly popular Facebook group: Esoteric Knowledge & Occult Science.

Join Anyextee, Karina Itzcoatl and Eddie Ra for a symbolist tour of Egypt that will trace the living legacy of an ancient tradition and study the sacred science of one of the world’s most advanced civilizations.

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