Inside Egypt’s 2nd Pyramid at Giza: Full Video Tour of the Khafre Pyramid

Have you ever noticed the detail INSIDE the Pyramid of Khafre? Is the interior of Giza’s second largest pyramid going overlooked?

I’ve come across other videos inside the Khafre Pyramid here on Youtube. They just rush through the monument, often passing over important points of interest. They either don’t know, don’t show or don’t care about the details. So I captured this video footage as a resource for you. Enjoy!

But there is NOTHING like experiencing the pyramids of Giza first-hand.
If you want to experience Egypt first-hand, with special permissions VIP access, my next tour of Egypt is FOR YOU!

And if you liked watching this video, you’ll love exploring my video at the RARELY visited Western Enclosure of The Khafre Pyramid at Giza.

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Location of The Giza Pyramid of Khafre

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