Anyextee is an author, esoteric researcher, world traveler, filmmaker and expedition tour leader. He transformed his passion for exploring the ancient mysteries, metaphysics, and mysticism into an esoteric tour company dedicated to providing travelers with more meaningful experiences. In the vein of his mentor, symbolist author, and rogue Egyptologist, John Anthony West, he offers esoteric tours through Egypt as well as Turkey and Mexico. As the producer and narrator for “The Sacred History of the Rosicrucians”, Anyextee explores the heritage and importance of the mystical order’s traditional timeline. He is also a producer and narrator for the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum’s Educational Guide. He is the founder of,, and Anyextee has been featured on the Travel Channel, numerous radio shows, podcasts and is a featured speaker at CPAK (Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge). Research featured in his debut book, tentatively titled, “Water Wizards: The Lost Music of the Maya, Cymatics and the Kukulkan Degree of Consciousness”, available summer of 2020 at, examines the esoteric wisdom and sacred science of the ancient Maya and their cosmic universities



History of Uxmal Ancient History of Uxmal The history of Uxmal is a bit of a mystery. Uxmal’s origins are drenched in both complexities and distortions. While the REAL truth remains totally obscured at the hands of missionaries who have re-written history, fragmentary texts, architectural styles and inscriptions found on-site help paint a portrait of …

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