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The Mysterious Lost Atlantis Text Uncovered in the Great Pyramid

For centuries, people have been fascinated by the story of Atlantis, a legendary island city lost to the depths of the ocean. But what if there were more to the story than just a myth? Recent discoveries indicate that there may have been a real-life Atlantis, and its secrets have been hidden for centuries. However, most mainstream scholars agree that Atlantis is an allegory. In this blog post, we’ll explore the startling discovery of lost writings that mention Atlantis and may offer a glimpse into esoteric knowledge of this lost civilization.


The subterranean chamber in the Great Pyramid, photographed in 1909, showing the mysterious Atlantis text | AdeptExpeditions.com

In 1909, a photograph was taken in the subterranean chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza, revealing the Atlantis text written on one of its walls. The mysterious writing is said to have mentioned Atlantis and referred to Apollonius of Tyana, an ancient figure who allegedly discovered the mythical Emerald Tablet-which contains alchemy’s secrets and serves as the basis for Hermetic tradition. Though not clearly visible in the 1909 photo, the writing appears to have been created around 1905–a year after Aleister Crowley conducted a magical ritual inside the pyramid.

Aleister Crowley, an English occultist, entered the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt in 1904. According to his own account, he conducted a magical ritual known as the “Rites of Eleusis” in the King’s Chamber of the pyramid, which he believed would allow him to communicate with ancient Egyptian deities. Crowley’s experience inside the Great Pyramid was an important part of his spiritual and mystical journey, and he wrote about it extensively in his works.

I’m not aware of any specific esotericists or occultists who entered the Great Pyramid in 1905. However, it’s worth noting that the Great Pyramid has long been a site of initiation for esotericists and occultists, and many individuals from these traditions have visited the pyramid over the years. Rosicrucians confer initiations inside the Great Pyramid even to this day. Some well-known occultists who have written about the Great Pyramid and its symbolism include Aleister Crowley, Madame Blavatsky, and John Dee. However, I have no knowledge of specific visits by esotericists or occultists in 1905 beyond Crowley’s visit in 1904. It is therefore difficult to identify who might have written this obscure text. What is clear, however, is that it must have been someone with an understanding of the Western esoteric tradition.

The wall of the subterranean chamber in the photograph is covered with other inscriptions, many of which have never been fully understood. But this photograph of the writings offer tantalizing clues about the esoteric knowledge of the lost civilization. The text does not establish any connection between the lost civilization and the ancient Egyptians, as its written in English.

The re-discovery of the photograph of the lost writings has sparked a wave of interest among historians, archaeologists, and esotericists. Some have argued that the text may be a hoax, while others believe that it provides evidence of a lost civilization and an ancient wisdom that has been forgotten over time. Whatever the case may be, the discovery of these writings is a reminder that the mysteries of the past are never fully resolved, and there is always more to discover.

It is saddening that the text has faded from view due to significant wall degradation. The lost reference to Atlantis serves as a reminder of our mysterious and fascinating history. Even though we may never know the full truth of what transpired in the subterranean chamber regarding the text about this lost civilization, these writings offer a glimpse into esoteric knowledge that has been lost to time. They also remind us that there is so much we are yet to learn about the ancient world, as well as the fact that secrets of the past are waiting to be uncovered by anyone willing to seek them out. Thus, if you’re a truth seeker or just someone who enjoys a good mystery, exploring the subterranean chamber inside the Great Pyramid could be an ideal adventure location for you.

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