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What better way to study the esoteric symbolism and ancient history then by traveling with our leading experts right by your side?


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Anyextee & Kayleigh During

Picture of Kayleigh During

Kayleigh During

Kayleigh During (born November 14th 1991) is a History fanatic and YouTube content creator from the Netherlands.
Intrigued by the stone age, human evolution, ancient inventions and intricacies about ancient Egypt she researches these topics among others to share the information with anyone who has an interest in history.
When you’re passionate about something it shows in your work, and Kayleigh's work is no exception as she makes history as fun as possible while flooding your brain with information.

Join Anyextee and Kayleigh During  for a symbolist tour of Egypt that will hunt for evidence of ancient technology and study the sacred science of one of the world’s most advanced civilizations.

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