Uxmal Experience – Mayan Ruins You Must See in Yucatan Mexico

You must see Uxmal if you want to experience Mayan ruins that are unlike any other. When we first discovered Uxmal we immediately become enchanted with the strange mystery of the Magician’s Pyramid & the Dwarf of Uxmal – an oral legend about the temple’s little builder and his sorceress mother.

Anyextee demonstrates the "Kukulkan clap" producing the acoustic effect in front of The Pyramid of the Magician, @ Uxmal
Anyextee demonstrates the “Kukulkan clap” producing the acoustic effect at The Pyramid of the Magician, @ Uxmal

Uxmal Temple of Magician

Seeing the structure will magnetize you as it captures something no other place in the world has. We compelled to return to Uxmal again and again and made the decision to get married at the ruins by a Mayan high priest and J-men (shaman) by way of a traditional Mayan wedding ceremony.

mayan wedding

There are many unusual Mayan Legend’s in the Yucatan, and the story behind Uxmal is just one of them. Uxmal is about an hour or so south of Merida and is found on the Ruta del Puuc. It is by far one of the most dramatic group of ancient ruins on the Yucatan peninsula and considered one of the most important archaeological sites of Maya culture, along with Palenque, Calakmul, and Chichén Itza.

Evidence: Triptych Enigma @ The Governor's Palace, Uxmal | Photo by Carl Webley
The Governor’s Palace, Uxmal | Photo by Carl Webley


Uxmal Nunnery
Nunnery Quadrangle – Uxmal Mayan ruins Yucatan, Mexico


Despite Uxmal’s significance the massive complex is often passed over by the casual tourist. It is quiet, serene and well worth visiting but you will want to take into consideration that it requires a full day to explore – especially if you want to see all Uxmal has to offer.

Anyextee behind the Temple of the Doves | Photo by Ryan Rios


Most tour guides will not bring you off the beaten path to experience the Cemetery Group, explore the Stela Platform, see the Temple of the Phallus or observe the Pyramid of the Old Woman (unless you insist). We feel these hidden gems are all significant features to the site and I explain why we make sure to include them when leading groups on our Adept Expedition tours as part of my Uxmal Ruins Explained – Everything from A to Z blog. 

We even do a bit of experimenting with the energy present at the site by using the dowsing rods in front of the structure in the Cemetery Group. This is always fun and the results are remarkable.

Uxmal Ruins - Yucatan, Mexico (Photo by Anyextee)
Uxmal Ruins – Yucatan, Mexico (Photo by Anyextee)


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