Recovery of Ancient Wisdom Tour in Egypt with Anyextee, Stephen Mehler, Patricia Awyan, Suzan Moore (September 14-27, 2018)


Find Yourself In Egypt, Immersed In The Hidden Teachings Of The Indigenous Tradition For This Ground-Breaking Event.

Abd'el Hakim Awyan Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism

This Is Not Your Average Spectator Tour – You’ll Be An Integral Part Of The ADEPT EXPEDITION Participating In Research And Study With The Experts!

Discover the evidence left behind by the sophisticated civilization that flourished in Ancient Egypt from 10,000 to 65,000 years or more ago, whose self awareness and deep resonance with nature enabled them to develop devices and advanced technologies that mystify us today…
In an effort to recover the ancient wisdom, we have crafted a tour unlike any other. We will be covering both intellectual and spiritual aspects with an interdisciplinary approach. What better way to experience camaraderie than exchanging ideas with today’s finest experts, passionate authors and cutting edge esoteric researchers in the fields of archeologyEgyptology and Khemitology?
You’ll even get to investigate stone structures along side our distinguished world class geologist and degreed astronomer. You can connect to the ancients and deepen your understanding of indigenous traditions while furthering your own inner-expedition. Does adventure call to you to participate in this ground breaking event? An Adept Expedition awaits!
Hakim Awyan Khemitology

Presented by:

Khemit School Ancient Egypt Mystery Schools Adept Initiates Horus Rising
For the first time ever, the Adept Initiates community converges with Ancient Egypt Mystery SchoolsThe Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism and Horus Rising for this Adept Expedition to Egypt. You’ll join in recovering the ancient wisdom and find that nothing is really lost, simply hidden; as you gaze in wonder and find yourself connecting with the subtle energies between the paws of the Sphinx…
Tefnut Sphinx Paws
egypt camel
Embark on a mystical journey to recover the ancient wisdom and…

Experience a tradition that differs vastly from the theories of academic Egyptology

Together we will honor and commemorate the teachings of Abd’el Hakim Awyan: The Last of the Dragoman (1926 – 2008)
If you were fortunate enough to travel with Hakim, an entirely different story of Egypt’s amazing and powerful past was revealed that differed greatly from the history books. Almost lost, this wisdom now re-emerges in a new film promising to unravel these veiled insights in the hidden history of Khemitology.
Ancient Egypt Revisited Hakim Stephen Mehler
Here’s your chance to learn from from these teachings before this film is released to the general public. You will get to travel alongside esoteric researcher and Khemitology film producer: Anyextee as well as Hakim’s protégée: Stephen Mehlerco-director of the Khemit School: Patricia Awyan and world renowned geologist: Suzan Moore.
Imagine the once in a lifetime opportunity to experience Egypt’s rich culture and sacred sites. If open, be among the very first to sample the brand new Grand Egyptian Museum. We will explore Beni Hassan and Saqqara then gain access to the once restrictedSerapeum. 
Other highlight include a visit Amarna (where Akhenaten’s palace once stood). We exploreTune El Gebel where you’ll bear witness to the temple of Thoth. Bask in the wonders ofAbydosDenderaValley of the Kings, the Rameseum & the Memnon Colossi. Become one with the temple complexes of Luxor and Karnak. Feel the energy at Esna and investigate at theAswan Quarry. Envision standing in the very spot where the ancient initiations took place at Kon Ombo. Next we’ll visit the Temple of IsisElephantine Island, and the pyramids ofDahshur.
Now imagine the chance to go inside the Great Pyramid of Giza for the ultimate esoteric experience…
Patricia Awyan Inside Pyramid
Our group is permitted private entry into the Great Pyramid where you’ll walk in the path of the Dragoman, participate in the unbroken lineage of initiates, and evoke the dormant energies within. Once inside the so-called Kings chamber we’ll raise the vibration so you can resonate with arguably the most enigmatic structure on the face of the Earth.
Kings Chamber

As we proceed through the pyramids and temples you’ll get to actively participate in this adept expedition by researching the implications of the evidence that these people, who we call Khemitians, left behind for us to discover.

Anyextee glyphs Egypt

We’ll uncover the practical, physical and spiritual lessons encoded in the Temples, and begin our initiations into the ancient traditions by evoking the sacred sound codes, a key to understanding ancient wisdom and the true functions of the pyramids.

Mohamed Fahmy

In addition to safely traveling with an experienced and passionate group, you’ll have our trip’s official Tour Guide and Egyptologist, Mohamed Fahmy right by your side to share his extensive knowledge, academic perspective, and wisdom to ensure your visit is both transformative and enjoyable!


One of our main focuses on the Recovery of Ancient Wisdom Tour will be studying the profound teachings shared through the legacy ofAbd’el Hakim Awyan 

  • Develop a deeper understanding for the indigenous tradition and teachings of Hakim – only few have experienced…

  • See a totally different view of Egypt’s past other than what has been written by traditional historians…

  • Meditate in the Holy of Holies; tone and chant to fully experience the ancients knowledge of acoustics…

  • Safely journey in a group of like-minded travellers to recover the ancient wisdom encoded in the awe-inspiring temples and pyramids of Egypt…

By The Time This 14-day Journey Is Over… You Will Have Developed A Deeper Understanding of Ancient Egypt. 

An Adept Expedition awaits…


Recovery of Ancient Wisdom Tour with Anyextee, Stephen Mehler, Patricia Awyan & Suzan Moore

Featuring the Teachings of Abd’El Hakim Awyan: The Last of The Dragoman

September 14 – 27, 2018

Tour Includes:

  • Transportation from Cairo airport to hotel, including assistance through customs. Return transport also included.
  • Domestic flights Aswan/Cairo on Day 11
  • 5-Star hotels in Giza and Luxor, including daily buffet breakfast, hotel taxes and service charges
  • 5-Star Cruise ship, including shore excursions, and all meals
  • Meals included when not on cruise: 6 lunches, 3 dinners
  • Pre-paid gratuities for your cruise staff
  • Internal transportation and entry fee to all sites as per Itinerary in air-conditioned coach
  • Mohamed Fahmy as your English Speaking Egyptologist and Tour Guide
  • Private visit to the Sphinx enclosure
  • Private visit Inside of the Great Pyramid
  • Water and Snacks during road trips

Added Features:

  • Walk the path of Abd’el Hakim Awyan: The Last of The Dragoman and learn the wisdom teachings directly from his closest students, author & Khemitologist; Stephen Mehler and Khemit School Co-Director; Patricia Awyan
  • Travel with Khemitology film producer & Adept Initiate’s leading esoteric researcher; Anyextee
  • Participate in the investigation and examine the evidence with our distinguished geologist and degreed astronomer; Suzan Moore
  • Enjoy Educational sessions with Informative Lectures and Presentations by these speakers
  • Explore Amarna, Akhenaton’s ‘City of the Sun’ and Tune el Gebel
  • A PRIVATE tour of the Sphinx Enclosure where you’ll connect with the unforgettable energy between her Paws
  • A PRIVATE visit INSIDE of the Great Pyramid

Tour Does Not Include:

  • Airfare to/from Cairo, Egypt
  • Entry Fee to Egypt ($30 USD)
  • Cancelation & Medical Insurance of any kind
  • Meals and drinks or any item not specified

Tour Price:

  • Tour Cost: $5,247 USD per person
  • Optional Single Room Supplement: $720

Payment Schedule

  • Due at Registration: $750 (non-refundable deposit) to secure your spot
  • 50% of total amount owed due May 31st
  • Final payment due July 31st
  • Registration closed July 31st
  • Those registering after May 31st must pay in full

Spots For The Recovery of Ancient Wisdom Tour Are Running Out FAST!

Capacity for this event is limited, so seize this opportunity to take your learning experiences to the next level!

Reserve your spot below…

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