MYSTERIES of the MAYA: Intensive Study Trip & Community Adventure in Mexico (Nov 11-17, 2018)

We Have A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity For You…

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Dear Friends,

If you’ve been following us for some time now, you will already know that the Adept Expeditions movement is a way for you to not just like, comment, and share some of history’s most spellbinding ancient mysteries – but actually experience them in the flesh!
Kaeden and Digby approach the Pyramid of Kukulkan at Sunrise, Chichen Itza
You’ve seen the countless of ancient ruins posted across the internet, but have you ever wondered what it feels like to actually connect with the ancient sacred sites and experience the mysteries for yourself?
Have you always wanted to travel to culturally rich destinations to investigate the remnants of these ancient ruins – but never had the chance?
Adept Expeditions Xul
If you are feeling called to climb pyramids, interact with temples and study the symbols left behind by the mysterious Mayan civilization, or even if you are just up for joining an esoteric expedition that will expand your consciousness… then read on, this trip is for you!
Evidence: Triptych Enigma @ The Governor's Palace, Uxmal | Photo by Carl Webley
Our signature community adventure & study trip is back by popular demand! Now is the time to discover yourself in the heart of the Yucatán investigating the ruins and deepening your understanding for the indigenous traditions. Together, we’ll explore some of the mysteries that resonate with us the most: The Mysteries of the Maya.
But here’s the kicker…


Mysteries of the Maya Study Trip 2018

We’re Not Just Observing Mayan Ruins For A Study Trip – But A Groundbreaking ADEPT EXPEDITION That You’ll Be A Crucial Part Of!

You see, this is not your typical spectator tour. Unlike others, it reveals esoteric aspects of Maya culture few people get to see and hear. Such as:
  •        The experience of the cosmic universities and oral tradition of the Maya…
    •        The sacred sound knowledge of ancient acoustics used to evoke energies in the underground meditation chamber at Grutas de Lol Tun…
      •       See Evidence of Olmec progenitors expressed at Ukit Kan Le’k Tok’s Royal Tomb…
        •     Study the details in architecture symbolizing the harmonizing, uniting, reconciling and balancing of opposites…
          •       The Mayas parallels to Ancient Egypt including a shared metaphysical formula generally thought to have percolated down from the Hermetic Tradition:

As Above, So Below… In Lak’Ech


We’re Traveling Off The Beaten Path to Investigate Hidden Ruins Few People Have Seen!


Not Only Are We Ascending Up The Pyramids To Connect With The Cosmos By Meditating Above Ground…

Climbing the Grand Pyramid @ Uxmal, The Mysteries of the Maya Study Trip 2017 | Photo by Carl Webley

But We’re Also Descending Down Into A Cave System To Raise The Vibration From Deep Below The Surface!

Adept Initiates' study group exiting Lol-Tun Cave

Together We Experience The Underworld And Investigate The Depths Of A Mysterious Cave Once Inhabited By The Ancient Maya…

Mystery of the Loltun Cave Hermit

In 1931, a renowned archaeologist found himself himself lost deep inside an unexplored cave in the Yucatan Jungle. When he had given up hope of survival, a blind Mayan Priest claiming to be a 1,000 years old emerged from the caverns and led him back to the surface before disappearing. Sound like a Hollywood Blockbuster? Believe it or not, it’s a newspaper report from the Modesto Herald dated January 3, 1931

Where you stumble, there lies your treasure. The very cave you are afraid to enter turns out to be the source of what you are looking for.” 

– Joseph Campbell

Adventure Beckons Below The Surface…

Digby & Kaeden Investigate deep inside Lol-Tun Cave

Through penetrating the underworld the vestiges of shamanic rituals and archeological artifacts are discovered thus providing us with insights into the ancient way of life.

It is by going down into the cave’s abyss that we recover the treasures of life…

Inside the cave’s chambers you will see wall carvings and discover ancient paintings. You will get a chance to see the so-called Olmec head. What else will we find on this trip? What conclusions will we come to? 

Olmec Head found inside Lol-Tun Cave

Just like the ancient art we find inside of the cave’s chambers, the exterior walls of the Maya’s decorative temples house their own enigmatic messages… 

El Codz Poop @ Kabáh, Yucatan | photo by Carl Webley

You’ll develop a deeper understanding for sacred art and architecture and come to experience first-hand how the Maya were spiritually advanced…

Ek Balam

As metaphysical masters of time and space, the Maya intentionally encoded their high wisdom in stone, leaving behind enduring geometric messages that still call out for our attention today.

One of our main focuses on the Mysteries of the Maya expedition will be studying their glyphs and identifying the repeating patterns and symbols we see appearing over and over again in Mayan art and architecture.

As We Advance Through The Temples, Ruins & Caves, Several Questions Will Come To Mind:

  • Was there a basic “spiritual” or “metaphysical” message that the Maya and their ancestors sought to convey in their art, architecture and symbolism? If so, what was this message?

  • Why is that we find details in Mayan architecture symbolizing the harmonizing, uniting, reconciling and balancing of opposites?

  •  If understood, could the secret knowledge held inside the glyphs be used to deepen our own spiritual experiences?

  • Can the Maya’s sacred art and architecture lead us to learning more about harnessing subtle earth energies, magnetism, frequencies and acoustics?

You’ll explore the answers with some of the most passionate members of the Adept Initiates community.

And You’ll have our team’s widely traveled tour leaders and passionate speakers, Karina Ceja and Anyextee right by your side!


                                                      Anyextee – Author, Researcher & Tour Leader

Karina Ceja

                                                       Karina Ceja – Author, Researcher, English/Spanish Translator

By the Time this Week-Long Journey is over…You’ll Develop A Deeper Understanding For The Mysteries of the Maya.

Presented by:

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The Mysteries of the Maya Study Trip with Anyextee & Karina Ceja

November 11 – 17, 2018

Tour Includes:

  • Transfer from Mérida International Airport to hotel on arrival date. Transport also included from hotel to airport on return date.
  • 6 nights accommodation based on double room occupancy
  • Breakfast daily
  • 3 Lunches (during road trips)
  • 1 Farewell dinner
  • A Private Mayan sunrise ceremony with Shaman
  • Honorariums for other Maya Elders joining ceremony
  • A Private visit of XKichmook
  • Attendance of Evening Light & Sound show at Chichen Itzá
  • Private entrance access to Chichen Itzá
  • All excursions as per Itinerary including entry fees, tips and transportation in air-conditioned coach
  • Bilingual translator service (English/Spanish)

Added Features:

  • Travel with Adept Initiates leading researchers Anyextee and Karina Ceja
  • Connect with like-minded Adept Initiates community
  • Talks and lively discussions to illuminate the significance of the Maya symbolism, culture, art and architecture at the sites we investigate together
  • Participate in group meditations at ancient sacred sites
  • A Traditional Mayan breakfast experience

 Tour Does Not Include:

  • Airfare to/from Mérida
  • Cancelation & Medical Insurance of any kind
  • Meals, drinks or any item not specified

Tour Price:

  • Tour Cost: $2,777 USD per person
  • Optional Single Room Supplement: USD $325

Payment Schedule

  • Due at Registration: $750 (non-refundable deposit) to secure your spot
  • 50% of total amount owed due July 31st
  • Final payment due September 30th
  • Registration closed September 30th
  • Those registering after July 31st must pay in full

Spots For The Mysteries Of The Maya Expedition Are Running Out FAST!

Capacity for this event is limited, so seize this opportunity to take your learning experiences to the next level!

Reserve your spot now by clicking here!

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