What Melted The Dendera Staircase? Geologist Explains on-site with Anyextee

Dendera “Melted Staircase”- Geologist Explains Melted Steps In Hathor Temple of Dendera!

The famous “melted staircase” inside the Hathor Temple of Dendera is OOZING with mystery!

In this video we travel to Dendera, Egypt where I bring in a Geologist to provide you with an on-site explanation for one of Egypt’s MOST enduring enigmas. I bring you up close to investigate the famous melted steps inside the Dendera Temple for yourself.

Was it melted by heat, solar blast, corrosive spill or merely foot traffic?

Could it be geopolymer, part of a geological process, or something else?

Location of the Dendera Temple in Egypt

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