Anyextee – The Sphinx Explained: Origins, Identity & Hidden Chambers Documentary Receives 5 Star Review!

The Sphinx Explained: Origins, Identity & Hidden Entrances – Anyextee Investigates!

My latest youtube video, The Sphinx Explained: Origins Identity & Hidden Entrances! – Anyextee Investigates is a dedication to my mentor, John Anthony West. Inspired The Mystery of the Sphinx, my new documentary investigates the mysteries of the Egyptian Sphinx in an up-to-date somewhat comprehensive detail taking the viewer inside the Sphinx enclosure to see evidence of water erosion and hidden chambers. It has been well received with praise from early viewers claiming that the film is “Netflix worthy” and “movie quality”.

The documentary recently received the attention of Trevor Grassi at MagnumOpus.org who writes:

“This is a WIN for esoteric historians; for ‘Egypt-Truthers’; for fans of John Anthony West and for students of the Symbolist School. No documentary since Mystery of the Sphinx, has reached so directly into the heart of this most puzzling, yet awe inspiring, monument and the riddle she holds.”

Anyextee’s New Film Raises ALL The Right Points (And Questions) Regarding The ‘Guardian Of The Sacred Archives’.

This new review dives deep into the interior of my latest video and more! Click the link below for the full 5 Star Review of Anyextee – The Sphinx Explained: Origins, Identity & Hidden Entrances

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