Anyextee featured on Strange World: Without A Trace airing on Travel Channel

Plutos-Cave-AnyexteeAnyextee will be featured on the new Travel Channel series, Strange World, (season 1, episode 4) where Independent filmmaker Christopher Garetano heads to northern California to investigate the supernatural lore surrounding Mount Shasta. He searches for answers about the countless unexplained disappearances in and around the mysterious mountain.

See Anyextee’s blog on Mount Shasta Mysteries: Pluto’s Cave of Initiation (coming soon) 

For now click here check out the post on Anyextee’s Facebook page here and be sure to catch Strange World – Season 1 Episode 4: Without A Trace airing this Monday 8/25 on Travel Channel at 11pm / 10c.

Strange World Without a trace Anyextee Mount Shasta


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