Georgia Guidestones Truth

The Real TRUTH About The Georgia Guidestones – What NOBODY Is Saying

The real truth about the Georgia Guidestones. This is what nobody is saying. 

There is your truth. There is my truth. And then there is the objective truth.

The Georgia Guidestones were destroyed, but they represented much more than just a few lines of vague text. The Georgia Guidestones were a calendar, clock and compasss in granite paying homage to the ancient tradition of megalithic builders with respect to universal, eternal principles and they served as a tool for humanity.

Further, an entire philosophy was destroyed that may be ascertained and best understood by reading the originator’s 134 page manifesto, in full, even though one may not agree with every point of his discourse.

Unfortuantely, wild speculation and superstition prevent those with limited understanding from even seeking out the originator’s intent. As a result intolerance  destroyed a monument at the hands of limited understanding.

You do not have to agree with ideas expressed by the originator but chasing pure speculation and the wild conspiracy theories rooted in the limited understanding of others will likely result in bringing you down a path that comes up as empty as the space thought to contain the time capsule. 

The  precepts on the monument were not commandments but ideas, and is not hard to understandable why these are controversial for many.

Nonetheless, destruction to such a monument is a heinous crime on par with destruction to moneuments of our ancient past such as Stonehenge or the ancient vestiges at Giza.

And my position against the destruction of the moment does not mean I entirely agree with the orignators ideology. It means there is more than one way of looking at things and I prefer to exercise the practice of tolerance, knowing my own understanding is limited.

What I do know is the originator, who is revealed by name in this video exercised a certain degree of consciousness and determination. He put immense time, effort and  energy into erecting a monument inline with ancient tradition to express his point of view, a viewpoint developed from his own unique experiences. 

Even if you don’t agree with every point in his manifesto (I certainly don’t) there are still keys to unlock pearls of wisdom contained therewithin. 

If there is only one thing we can agree to learn and take away from the book, let it be the practical applicaiton of the originator’s request:

“If you cannot agree with my views I ask only that you will base your contrary opinions on solid evidence and common sense, and that you will not permit your judgement to be overwhelmed by unreasoning faith in a manner that ignores honest evidence.” – R.C., Common Sense Renewed

Please watch this video an open mind and heart.

You can download a pdf copy of Common Sense Renewed by clicking the button below: 

Reference material mentioned in the video:

For more on the question of secrecy,  📕 John Anthony West – The Serpent In the Sky: https://amzn.to/3uPvZbxF

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🎥 Dark Clouds Over Elberton (Full Documentary): https://youtu.be/Ae4GArq8VNY

The Location of The Georgia Gudiestones

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