THIS is What’s INSIDE the OLDEST Ancient Egyptian Pyramid – BELOW Djoser’s Step Pyramid with Anyextee

Raw video footage entering the Oldest Pyramid at Saqqara. 

As you proceed through the passage below the Step Pyramid of Djoser, you will see strange appendages made of wood wedged between the tops of the support pillars. What could the ancient architects under Imhotep have been up too? The wood limbs are most likely ancient cedars from Lebanon and could be radio carbon dated. The symbolism behind the Cedars of Lebanon is discussed in my SECRETS of The Bent Pyramid: NEVER Before Seen Video INSIDE The Bent Pyramid of Sneferu

This video was filmed by Anyextee on September 26th, 2021 during my Adept Expeditions tour of Egypt. You can join my next Adept Expeditions presented tour here

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Location of the Stepped Pyramid of Djoser

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