Esoteric Egypt A Symbolist Tour of Ancient Egypt's Mystery Schools

Esoteric Egypt: A Symbolist Tour of Ancient Egypt’s Mystery Schools

Esoteric Egypt – A Symbolist Tour of the Ancient Egypt Mystery Schools with Anyextee | September 9 – 23, 2019

Esoteric Egypt – A Symbolist Tour of the Ancient Egypt Mystery Schools with Anyextee | September 9 – 23, 2019

Join a group lead by Anyextee for a symbolist tour through the Ancient Egypt Mystery Schools as we study the sacred temple science and reveal some of Kemet’s most illuminating secrets…

Featuring a Private Cruise on the 8-cabin luxury sail-yacht ‘Dahabiya Hadeel’, Private access Inside the Great Pyramid, between the Paws of the Sphinx, and the Giza Plateau


WHEN? SEPTEMBER 9th – 23rd, 2019

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ESOTERIC EGYPT – A Symbolist Tour of the Ancient Egypt MYSTERY SCHOOLS with Anyextee

My mentor John Anthony West would say,

Egypt is like sex: You can read about it; you can even look at pictures. But until you experience it, you understand nothing.”

The time has finally come. This is YOUR chance to not only understand it, but also experience it… in-the-flesh.

Join the Adept Expedition for a symbolist tour through Esoteric Egypt and immerse yourself in the hidden teachings of Ancient Egypt’s Mystery Schools.

Immerse yourself in the hidden teachings of the ancient mystery traditions – www.AncientEgyptMysterySchools.com

Trek with a group of the world’s most passionate seekers of truth to study the sacred symbology and hidden esoteric teachings in the land of Kemet.

The world has been waiting for a key to unlock our highest potential. Come along with us and take part in receover the ancient wisdom as we reveal ESOTERIC EGYPT‘s most illuminating secrets.

An Illumination on tour in Egypt – www.AdeptExpeditions.com

Weather your an intrepid traveler or armchair archaeologist grab your Indiana Jones hat because you are about to embark on a journey into the expansion of consciousness….

On a mission to recover the mystical wisdom left behind by ancient initiates.

We’ll travel off the beaten path to meditate INSIDE hidden chambers – unknown to the casual tourist.

Hidden Chambers of Egypt only a few ever experience – www.AdeptExpeditions.com

Uncover the sacred science hidden in the Temple of Man, feel the energy between the paws of the sphinx and descend with us into the underground Serapeum of Sakkara where we’ll investigate the near 100-tone mysterious stone boxes.

Anyextee measures the massive ancient 100 tone boxes underground at the Serapeum in Egypt – www.AdeptExpeditions.com

And before we board our private 8-cabin luxury yacht to sail the nile in style, we’ll first join a long line of royalty and legendary egyptologists by making our temporary stay at the historical Mena House, located directly across from the Pyramids of Giza…

Only a FEW spots remain for this adept expedition.


Let’s document the experience together, and share our research with adept initiates around the world

Discover ESOTERIC EGYPT through the eyes of a symbolist and immerse yourself in the hidden teachings of Ancient Egypt Mystery Schools

May those who are called to journey with us find their way

Anyextee intones the sacred sounds inside the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt – www.AncientEgyptMysterySchools.com

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