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Aztec Astrology For 2021: The Dawning

Chiknaui Kalli Xiuitl/ New Year 9 House

2020 was the longest, darkest night, of a long dark year! But old energy is clearing and new energy is entering. We are changing frequencies and cutting cords with last years Tekpatl energy as we enter into the auspices of Kalli. No, not the mother goddess destroyer/protector of the Hindu tradition but Kalli, the symbol for the Mexika sacred temple.

This coming year during the Spring Equinox, in Aztec/Mexika astrology, we enter the sign of Kalli or Sacred Temple.

In the middle of that temple burns a fire.

The Hearth

The hearth is the fire in the center or altar of our temple. It is the holy fire or sacred fire called soul. Kalli is not just a home it is a sacred temple. A Teokalli, an energy vortex. This is not just a material temple but also represents us, the hue-man( with our vast arrays of colors and experiences), as a temple housing the sacred fire that we have to keep burning. This hearth is the heart in the center of our inner temple. So, then, we become fire keepers, making sure the fire stays lit throughout dark times.

“A house without an altar is ungrounded.”

Sobonfu Some

Sacred Circles

The house or temple also represents a gathering place for community or family. 2020 challenged us to take refuge in our homes and many felt that this was a form of punishment. 2021 calls us to reflect on how we have created resonance within our temples. How have we connected with our family?

Those ties are sacred.

If our home is in disarray, so is our outer life. Do a spring cleaning of the interior of both your material and immaterial sacred spaces.

Last year showed the collective shadow of our society. Many people didn’t want to stay home because their homes, inner and material, carry a lot of darkness. It is time to part the curtains and let light into these areas.

Our inner house is also where we integrate and transform ourselves. This year we have to purge the un-transmuted trauma stored in our bodies.

Bringing Down The House

Under this sign the Aztecs migrated to Tenochtitlan(although some researchers say it was the year Tekpatl) and under this sign their empire ended. Their fire was extinguished. So, it is no coincidence that this year on August 13 marks the exact 500 year date when the Mexika empire fell AND we are under the auspices of Kalli.

So working with the alternate year Tekpatl, of the migration of the Aztecs. We know that they did not have a prosperous beginning, they had to struggle. This charge is notorious for bringing in disasters etc.

This is the alpha and the omega the beginning and the end of an empire, of a paradigm.

The energy charger for 2020 was of course Tekpatl and now we head into Kalli this 2021. Kalli is a symbol of protection and transformation. 

Our guide during this energy change is Tepeyolotzin the principle of caves and night. We are guided by the wisdom of the jaguar into the womb of the mother-of mother earth-caves, our houses-and what may seem as graves.

Tepeyolotzin heart of the mountains, is also closely associated with Tezcatiploca, our inner reflection.

The Dawning

The age of Aquarius, is it here?  Many are saying that the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn this winter solstice is bringing in a new age, a new paradigm. Albeit, sources are inconclusive. (Scroll down for additional resources on the great year)

How does the age of Aquarius match up with the dawning of a new sun, or new era of the Mexika Tradition?

art by Briarly Collins


During 2012 people panicked because they thought that the world was ending. There are many Indigenous/ Mexika people who are calculating the time period for a new cycle to begin around the next decade. Then we also have a different theory from Tlahtocan below:

Space-Time Cycles

The FUEGO NUEVO ceremony was not held annually, but was held ONLY at the beginning and end of a Sacred Cosmic Cycle or a “Xiuhmolpilli”. This cycle HAPPENED EVERY 52 YEARS which was the precise time it took for the Solar Calendar or the Tonalpohualli, and the Terrestrial Calendar or the Cauhpohualli, to converge again in an “initial zero day”. Essentially time was re-calibrated and re-synchronized with actual movement of the stars.

The Zero day is equivalent to the “First of the days” when the  dawn of the “Count of Time” began. This time reset lines up to fall on the 4 movement or in a NAHUI-OLLIN day which is precisely the sign or cosmogonic day in which the “Current Sun” was born and it is precisely the sign in which it would have to be extinguished to give way to a New Sun. This “convergent day” where the two sacred calendars were synchronized, served as a renewed starting point for the next Cosmic Cycle.

Astrological Alignments

On the same day or Tonalli of Nahui Ollin, the sun was in the Nadir, Mictlan, or the Aztec underworld. Along with calculating the zenith of the Pleiades or Tinaquiztli, the masters of time or the Ilhuicatlamatini would use the calendars as precision tools to calculate the 52 year cycle that it took for the Sun, Earth, and Venus to converge.

Photo by César Morlán Valle

2012 or 2021?

Modern millennialists predicted that the world would end in 2012. This prediction was based on an atypical alignment of planets. The end of a Mayan macrocycle which was set 5,125 years whose beginning was set at 3114 BC and its culmination was on December 21, 2012. This theory was also based on interpretations of some Maya prophecies contained in the books of Chilam Balam, which are situated in this same apocalyptic context.

Yet there are others who are flipping the 2012 numbers into 2021. At this point it is safe to say no one knows when the end of the world really is. But, we can tell that we are making the earth sick and the way humans are living now is not sustainable. Mother earth is calling us to be that change, to be the ancestors of future generations.

There has been other extinctions in history. So, why are the humans of today doubtful that we too are next on the list of extinct species? Maybe we see ourselves so far detached from the past that we think that this won’t happen to us.

The past repeats itself like a spiral path, until we are ready to learn the lesson.

 Our Sun: The Fifth Sun/ Quinto Sol

The fifth sun is the sun of completeness, of fullness. Our sun, our time cycle we are living in is bursting at the seams. This sun has come full circle and it is time that it ends. Materially it’s end will be brought about by earthquakes and famine. San Andreas Fault line anyone?


This means that paradigms will be crumble. Metaphorically this earthquake of consciousness brought about by a new era will end a time period that has fulfilled its destiny.

In the cyclical context of Mesoamerican time, the end coincides with the beginning.

Maya’Ab Energy Charger

9 Iq’ Cero Pop’ 5’129

It is a year to commemorate the Spirit of Air. It is air that carries corn seedlings to new destinations to be buried and reborn. Air rotates it keeps everything moving in an Ollin motion, and therefore living. The wind element governs ideas and changes. Iq ‘is mystical spiritual breath, the life principle.

This year we must breathe life into all that we do.

Iq ‘ is also associated with lightning. As we all know lightning is brought on by storms. K’awil is associated with the principle of lighting. Mayas in Guatemala believe that a healers dna gets activated by lightning awakening the dormant powers within their blood.

Color: White

Orientation: North

Associations: World, nature, altars, air, breath of life.

The Number 9

The number 9 is related with the 9 levels of the Maya infra world, Xibalba. In the primordial waters of life the number 9 is related to gestation. 9 is therefore related with birth. We have been through the infra-world and became underworld walkers. Those who have done the work have earned their rites of passage.

The Mexika also had 9 levels in their infra-world Mictlan. Among the Mexikas, king/Tlatoani Nezahualcoyotl built a nine-story temple to designate the nine stages that the soul had to go through before reaching eternal rest.

This number is ruled by the nocturnal sun and the jaguar.

Nine is also associated with wind and rain.

9 represents the central fire, the return to source. It is the completion of a cycle. The number 9 symbolizes search and unity. This number brings new beginnings.

The convergence of Kalli and I’q

This is a time to build relationships with our families. A time where the winds of change are felt. The old times are dying and a new world is being born. Paradigms are shifting and we are feeling the earth shake beneath our feet. That is just the die off of old outdated narratives being felt. It is important to keep energy from being stagnant. Think but also do! It is time to see our inner and outer homes not as prisons but as containers of spiritual wealth!

“Dear honorable ancestors, I ask that you align me with a timeline of ease. I want to learn through softness and grace. I want to learn through joy and laughter. I release my desire to learn through pain and devastation. I choose ease.”

Liana Naima

Last year was a year of struggle, this year we heal! Prayers up.



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