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Through the Eyes of Cleopatra…

As Herodotus said in 450 BC, “All men must go to begin in Egypt… a land filled with wonders.

This journey will take a unique approach to the Land of Pharaohs. Beginning in Alexandria, the jewel of the ancient world, we will journey up the Nile and across Egypt’s greatest monuments—exploring them as Cleopatra, Egypt’s last Pharaoh, would have.

Join Luke Caverns and Anyextee for a thematic adventure unlike any other!

The Alexandrian Tour of Ancient Egypt

  • A Unique Focus: “Cleopatra’s Egypt” will be an expedition aimed to present the entire Land of Pharaohs through the lens of people collecting ancient knowledge in Alexandria’s Library. Expect to learn the History of the Library of Alexandria, why it was burned, what may have been lost, & what happened to it after the death of Cleopatra in 30 BC.

Highlights of Our Exclusive Tour

  • Rare Alexandria Visit: This tour will include an exclusive and rare, 2 day visit to Alexandria, Egypt: where we will explore the complex history and mysteries of a city once called “The Light of the Ancient World”.


Exclusive Private Entry Inside Great Pyramid

Special VIP Access Inside Sphinx Enclosure

4-Night Luxury Cruise on the Nile:

Limited Spots Available!

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Included in this package:

• 14 days of historical exploration and discovery on a unique thematic expedition focused on Cleopatra’s Egypt.
• 13 nights at Luxury accommodations strategically located in key historical areas of Egypt.
• Expert presentations and in-depth explanations by featured speakers Anyextee and Luke Caverns.
• A hospitable Welcome Reception and a memorable Farewell Dinner Party.
• Daily sumptuous breakfast buffets, select lunches, and specially arranged picnics.
• All travel within Egypt, including private chartered luxury buses and domestic flights.
• 4-Night Luxury Nile Cruise offering full-board with chef and breathtaking views.
• Exclusive Private VIP access inside the Great Pyramid
• Privileged entry into Sphinx enxlosure.
• Special Guided visits to rarely explored locations in Alexandria, away from the usual tourist trail.
• All excursions included, encompassing entrance fees, gratuities, and transportation.
• Private English-speaking Egyptologist guide, providing rich historical context and insights.

Not Included:

• International Airfare to Egypt and return from Egypt.
• Visa (our local rep will offer assistance at airport upon arrival).
• Liability, travel and personal injury insurance of any kind.


$7,275 USD per person
sharing double occupancy

Single supplement: $1800
Deposit per person $1250

Janurary 13-26, 2025:

Cleopatra's Egypt

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Latest Reviews

“An adventure with Adept Expeditions will change your life. I would recommend the experience to everyone.”


Ryan Rios, 2018

“Having returned for a second journey with Adept Expeditions, I find my fascination and connection with Egypt’s ancient wonders more profound. Adept Expeditions has mastered the art of creating insightful and seamless experiences. My first expedition was overwhelmingly rich with information. I found it to be an enlightening and dense exploration of Egypt’s treasures.”


Chris K, 2023

“Fantastic tour. Adept expeditions makes sure you get an adventure of a lifetime at a surprisingly affordable price. You get access to private visits at incredible sites with the best and most friendly crew. They take care of you like family and make you feel safe everywhere. you go.”


Hana R, 2022

“The Adept Expeditions tour is as good as it gets; action packed from start to finish with time to recuperate in fine accomodation and food.


Keith Hamilton, 2023

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