Peru: Ancestral Insights (Shamannic Retreat) – Full Payment Option

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Ancestral Insights Full Payment: Immerse yourself in an Andean shamanic journey with full payment for the Ancestral Insights retreat.

Shamanic Ancestral Journey (3 Days / 2 Nights)

Explore Your Spiritual Awakening 

Dive into a transformative 3-Day/2-Night Shamanic Ancestral Journey and awaken your spirit through ancient rituals and healing plant medicines. Guided by seasoned shamans in the breathtaking Sacred Valley and the mystical Killarumiyoc, you’ll connect deeply with your inner self and the wisdom of the ancients. This immersive odyssey is a unique blend of spiritual discovery and holistic healing, set in serene, sacred landscapes designed to rejuvenate your soul.

August 29-30, 2024
Day 1: August 29
● Ayahuasca ceremony in the evening
Overnight: lodge in Sacred Valley.

Day 2: August 30

● Wachuma (San Pedro) ceremony at Killarumiyoc
● Return to Cusco
● Overnight: Hilton Garden Inn Cusco

Day 3: August 31
● Transport to airport for connecting flight home or to join Easter Island Extension


  • Sacred ceremonies with Ayahuasca (Day 1) and Wachuma (San Pedro) (Day 2)
  • Accomodation as indicated in the itinerary above
  • Guidance from qualified and experienced indigenous shamans
  • Adept Expedition’s supportive staff right by your side for supportive assistance
  • Spiritual and healing sessions in the Sacred Valley and Killarumiyoc
  • Nourishing meals throughout the 2-Day retreat
  • Sacred shamanic traditional music and communal activities
  • All ground transportation during excursion (to/from Sacred Valley and to/from airport)
  • Entrance to Killarumiyo archaeological site
  • Transfer to the airport or Easter Island extension option on Day 3

Not Included:

    • 5% + $5 fee for credit card, Stripe, or PayPal payments.

Safe and Authentic

Experience a safe and authentic Traditional Andean Medicine ceremony, working closely with an indigenous shaman to guide you on a journey into another dimension for healing, insights and deep connection.

This Ancestral Medicine experience encapsulates a deep, immersive experience that combines the ancient practices of shamanism with the healing power of traditional plant medicines.

This retreat is designed to connect participants with their ancestral roots, the wisdom of traditional shamanic practices, and the transformative power of nature’s medicines. It is a journey that often involves rituals, ceremonies, profound esoteric insights and guided meditations led by experienced shamans, aiming to promote healing, spiritual growth, and a deeper understanding of oneself and the natural world.

The use of ancestral medicine, such as Ayahuasca, Wachuma (San Pedro), or other plant-based substances, is central to the excursion, providing a bridge to ancient wisdom and facilitating personal and communal healing processes.

Your healing journey begins here.


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