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What better way to investigate ancient architure and study esoteric symbolism than by traveling with our leading experts right by your side?


Your Featured Speakers:

Anyextee, Matt Sibson & Douglas Rennie

Matt Sibson Anyextee Douglas Rennie
Matt Sibson

Matt Sibson

Matt Sibson, the guy behind the Ancient Architects channel, a youtube channel he started in 2017.

Douglas Rennie

Douglas Rennie

Douglas Rennie is a documentary filmmaker, inventor, and independent researcher specializing in visual reconstruction. He has worked with ABC News, Sony Pictures, Getty Images, the University of California, and many public education agencies to teach using visual media. As an inventor he designed a natural-language framework for quantifying sentiments about media which he patented in 2013. A lifelong fan of ancient Egypt, the YouTube channel ‘History for GRANITE’ was born out of his study of Old Kingdom pyramids. The innovative research presented on his channel has been featured on news sites from the New York Times to BoingBoing.

Join Anyextee, Matt Sibson, and Douglas Rennie for an adept expedition as we unravel some of history’s most enduring ancient mysteries. 

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