Discovery of the Ancient Maya “Triptych Temple” Religion

Mayan Triptych Temple

In the past few decades, the ancient Maya culture of Mexico has been described as “violent,” “bloodthirsty,” “savage,” and “horrific” by mainstream scholars, professors, historians, and Mayanists. But a closer look at Maya art and architecture indicates that these labels may not be fully correct (or even correct at all) and that there is much…

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Augustus Le Plongeon – Missing Links Predating The Maya Before Atlantis And Ancient Egypt?

Predating Mayan Ruins Before Atlantis and Ancient Egypt

Rethinking The Sacred Mysteries of The Maya Ancient civilizations rise and fall, often in dramatic fashion. Their origins, though, are subtler and tend to be overlooked or poorly understood. Apart from its dramatic scale, what makes the so-called Maya collapse so striking is that, despite decades of study, archaeologists still cannot agree on what caused…

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Hidden History of The Westford Knight, Knights Templar, Indigenous People In America Before Columbus

indigenous peoples day

Hidden History of The Westford Knight, Knights Templar, Indigenous People In America Before Columbus So you think that Christopher Columbus discovered America in the Niña, the Pinta and the Santa Maria? After all that is what we are taught in school, so we should blindly accept what academia teaches us as the absolute truth, right?…

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5 Awesome Things You Can Learn From The 4 Tezcatlipocas (Part 1 of 4)


Seeing Past The Smoke And Mirrors Of The 4 Tezcatlipocas In this series we will examine what we can learn from the 4 Tezcatlipocas. In order to pierce of the veil of smoke masking the first Tezcatlipoca we have to take an unbiased look not only at ourselves, but beyond the smoke and mirrors, and…

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The Strange Mystery of the Magicians Pyramid & The Dwarf of Uxmal

Dwarf of Uxmal

Storytelling is common to every culture. Most people enjoy listening to stories. In fact, storytellers have catered for the need for a ‘good story’ since the beginning of civilization. In this video below I’ll tell you the story about the dwarf of Uxmal & examine the indigenous legend behind the builders of the Magicians pyramid…

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Tezcatlipoca: The Obsidian Smoking Mirror


“His-story” In history Tezcatlipoca was seen as a perverse and dark god. I know its cliche but true nonetheless, history was written by those who conquered. You can take the word history and divide it as such: his-story. In the first place the Mexica or Aztecs did not think in terms of gods or god…

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Yucatan Gastronomy: The Adept Art of Eating in Mexico


When you think of Mexican food what do you think of? Maybe tacos, spicy salsa, rice and beans, and tortillas? Although I am a Mexica (Aztec) by blood I used to think along the same lines… Yes, there are some minor and major differences in Mexican food according to location. It is important to understand…

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Ancient Maya Cave Exploration

For the ancient Maya caves were not only large spaces and places of animal localization; they were also a representation of the female womb. This was a place where life originated. These revered locations where a point of communication between two worlds since they connected the terrestrial plane with the Mayan underworld. Descent into the…

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Love and Archaeology: Our Mayan Wedding Ceremony

A Mayan wedding ceremony is a magical event and the Mayan New Year is a magical time. According to the Gregorian calendar it begins on the 26th of July and ends the following year on the 24th of July. The additional day in between (July 25th) is known as the day out of time. It is during this…

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The Aztecs, The Winter Solstice, and Christmas

Aztec Winter Solstice

In almost all the cultures of the world the winter solstice has been marked as a day of renewal or change. This natural phenomenon appears to indicate that throughout the year the sun does not always rise or fall from the same place: it gives the impression that it runs through the entire celestial vault reaching…

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