An unprecedented invitation to study & experience the mysteries at the Adept Initiates’ first ever community Expedition


Join The Adept Expedition As We Observe Some Of The Most Enigmatic Mayan Mysteries, And Become Part Of A Research Group That Studies The Ancient Olmec and Mayan Civilizations.

Where? Yucatan, Mexico
When? November 12 - 18, 2017
Limited to the first 18 spaces ONLY


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Dear Friends,

Here is YOUR CHANCE to join us in the field, and be part of a group of esoteric researchers and participate in an ongoing (intensive) study of the Mystery of the Maya.

If you have always wanted to see sacred sites in Mexico, but didn’t have the chance, or if you are up for joining an esoteric expedition that will expand your consciousness... then read on, this trip is for you.

Members of our community have been inquiring about joining our research trips, so we've initiated Adept Expeditions as way to not just like, share and comment on some of the most spell binding ancient mysteries and symbols - but actually experience them in the field...

Our first ever community study trip is finally here and we'll be guiding you through the jungle on this journey to study symbolism, and some of the mysteries that resonate with us the most:

The Mysteries of the Maya

But we’re not just exploring the Yucatan's most popular Mayan sites...

We're Traveling Off The Beaten Path To Investigate Hidden Ruins For An Adept Expedition That You’ll Be A Pivotal Part Of!

You see, if you’ve been following us for some time, you’ll know we push the envelope when exploring the Ancient Mystery Traditions.

The high wisdom of the astronomical, geometrical, and metaphysical masters is transmitted through the grounds of these ancient sacred sites. Ancient adepts left behind mysteries yet to be unraveled that still call for our attention today:

  • What did the Maya know about harnessing natural energy using frequencies, acoustics and magnetism?
  • Why is it that we find details in Mayan architecture symbolizing the harmonizing, uniting, reconciling and balancing of opposites?
  • And just how much of this high wisdom did the Maya inherit from the So-Called Olmecs before them?

We're Not Just Exploring Above Ground –

But We're Descending Deep Into The Mayan Underworld (Xibalba), and Exploring Beneath The Surface Inside A Cave System...

There are countless caves hidden in the jungle to explore and adventure beckons. Through penetrating the Mayan underworld, vestiges of religious rituals, human remains, ceramics, jewelry, and other archeological artifacts are discovered thus providing us with insights into the ancient way of life.

We'll observe a so-called Olmec head, wall carvings and ancient paintings. The underworld was venerated by the ancients and they shared a mystic formula:

As Above, So Below

Presented by:

Karina Ceja Andreozzi

Administrative Director at Adept Initiates

Karina Ceja is a Rosicrucian, student of The Fourth Way teachings, Spiritual Life Coach and academically trained in Psychology. Fascinated by Mayan and Aztec achievement, she was called to explore the heritage of her ancestors at an early age. She serves as Administrative Director at Adept Initiates and Spanish to English translator for Adept Expeditions.


Founder of Adept Initiates

Anyextee (N-E-X-T) is a world traveling esoteric researcher, artist, and filmmaker on a mission to help raise consciousness. In 2015 he founded Adept Initiates, and has spent the past few years fully immersed in writing and producing several documentary films and digital series including Ancient Egypt Mystery Schools and Sacred History of The Rosicrucians. He was married in Mexico and re-visits often to continue ongoing research. He is currently working on a forthcoming film series about Lost Ruins, Hidden Pyramids, and Ancient Caves of the Maya and writing a book on the so-called Olmecs.

You’re Not Traveling Alone! We're Bringing Along A Renowned Field Investigator For This Adept Expedition That You'll Be A Crucial Part Of...

And you'll have the trip’s official co-host and noted symbolist author, Richard Cassaro, right by your side!

Quick facts about Richard Cassaro:

  • Richard Cassaro is an author, researcher, and filmmaker from New York City.
  • He came to international recognition in 2011 with his bestselling book, Written in Stone: Decoding the Secret Masonic Religion Hidden in Gothic Cathedrals and World Architecture.
  • His 2016 book The Missing Link: Powerful Evidence of an Advanced Golden Age Culture in Prehistoric Antiquity, provides further evidence for his discoveries.
  • His travel and life experiences have provided him with rare insight into megaliths, mythology, magic, symbolism, comparative religion and occult archaeology and all of his research is meticulously referenced and cited to a high academic standard, a rarity among works of this genre.

You´ve already seen Richard´s famous “Triptych Temple” discovery across the Internet.

On this once-in-a-lifetime tour, he will walk you through several examples of “Triptych Temples” on site! In the very heart of the Yucatan!

You´ve probably also seen his famous “GodSelf Icon” discovery. Here´s your chance to hear him explain the presence of GodSelf Icons in Mexico, showing a connection to GodSelf Icons across the Old World!

Richard will also show us his unique discovery of Third Eye symbolism in Mexico—note the Third Eye “forehead dot” in the photos—showing a connection to ancient India´s chakra system and detailing the presence in Mexico of a lost “Third Eye science” that he believes was present across the ancient world!

As We Advance Through The Temples, Ruins & Cave, Several Questions Will Come To Mind:

  • Was there a basic "spiritual" or "metaphyiscal" message that the Maya (and their ancestors) sought to convey in their art, architecture and symbolism? If so, what was this message?
  • What repeating patterns do we see appearing over and over again in Mayan art and architecture? And what do these repeating patterns tell us about the "spiritual" or "metaphysical" beliefs of the Maya and their ancestors?
  • There are a number of parallels to the so-called "Old World" that we find prevalent in Mayan and Mesoamerican art in general, and especially to Egypt and India. What exactly are these parallels? What do they teach us? And what do they mean?

By The Time This Week-Long Journey Is Over...You'll Develop A Deeper Understanding For The Mysteries Of The Maya.

Expedition Itinerary


Arrival in Mérida / Transfer to Uxmal

A local agent will meet you at the Mérida International Airport and transfer you to the comfortable Uxmal Hacienda located just across the street from Uxmal Pyramids and Temples. Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Phillip of England, Prince Rainier & Grace of Monaco, Jacqueline Kennedy and her family, along with the Yucatan's earliest explorers, archaeologists and adventures have all called the historic Hacienda Uxmal Plantation & Museum their home while in the Yucatan - and we'll be calling it our home for the majority of our trip!

Evening Presentation and Group Orientation

A presentation by Richard Cassaro will follow along with a relaxed group meeting where we’ll get to know each other in an informal setting before the next day’s expedition begins.


Maya Sunrise Ceremony

Imagine standing on ancient ruins before sunrise. The stillness is disturbed only by the breeze and natural sounds of the jungle. As you stand in that space a Mayan elder performs a sacred ceremony according to the traditions of his ancestors, and together we raise the vibration and greet the sun as it rises. Now imagine no more - because that is how we will get initiated!  You can also have this same wisdom keeper answer any questions you may have. His commentary will be translated from the Mayan language into English for you.

Afterwards you'll enjoy a traditional Mayan breakfast while you listen to local Maya share mind-blowing details about the indigenous tradition as it relates to Uxmal. You can ask questions about the Mayan calendar, the Mayan cosmology, and the Mayan prophecies that are relevant to this day and age before embarking on our journey.

Uxmal Ruins

Our journey begins with exploring one of the most mysterious archaeological sites of Maya culture, the legendary "Invisible City" of Uxmal. To the un-initiated eye it is by far the most dramatic of all the hill and flatland archeological sites in the Yucatan, but when viewed through the eyes of a symbolist it becomes clear that this sacred site represents the divine feminine principle. It's known for the aesthetics of it's architecture and stunning symbolism. Upon further examination it becomes apparent that astronomical, geometrical and metaphysical calculations were carefully considered when the layout of the site was designed but unlike many other Maya sites, no stone quarry has been found at Uxmal. Where the Maya quarried the stone from and how they conveyed it to this site is unknown to archaeologists but the indigenous tradition maintains that Uxmal's most famous structure, Temple of the Magician (aka Pyramid of the Soothsayer and Casa el Adivino) was built over one night with the use of magic by a dwarf (who was hatched out of an egg)  with magical assistance from his sorceress mother as part of a challenge issued by the King. We'll go deeper into the legend on site and guide you through a mystery school and ceremonial center for the training of healers, astronomers, mathematicians, shamans and priests and show you some lesser known locations in Uxmal that are often passed over by the casual tourist. Plan to spend much of the day investigating this site further as it takes plenty of time to fully explore this ancient and mysterious Mayan city.


Mystery Ruins

Today will be the day to put on your Indiana Jones hat and actually explore, as we experience two lesser known Mayan sites that are rarely visited. Our team expands as a local anthropologist and ethnobiologist joins us for the journey. He will be happy to answer all of your questions along the way. The magic really starts when we reach a village where a local community makes use of ancient ruins for their homes. We will make a brief visit to a mystery site, where we'll point out an ancient symbol venerated by the Maya.

Xkichmook Ruins

Edward Thompson reports first discovering this group of ruins in 1886. A preliminary description of the site was given during a reading to the American Antiquarian Society by Thompson in 1888, under the name Kich-Moo. The early Mayan explorer Teobert Maler learned of the site in mid-1887 and labeled it Xkichmol. Today it is known as Xkichmook, a name given by the natives signifying "the buried beauty" in the Mayan language. Following excavations by Thompson in the 1880s, only minor consolidation work has been performed by INAH in the 1980s. Few are those who experience these ruins as there are no other tours in operation currently bringing groups to this site. We'll exit transportation and begin our hike off the beaten path toward the archaeological site before the overgrown temple walls come into view. Our team's Anthropologist will identify the rare combination of both puuac and chenes style artchiecture and Anyextee will point out a note worthy finding at this site.


Morning Departure to Ek Balam

The only way in and out of the low-key and lightly visited site of Ek Balam is by foot. Only recently has it been excavated, and the jungle peeled back to make way for archaeologists and tourists. The term Ek Balam means "black jaguar" in Mayan. Most notable is the site's enchanting Acropolis which serves as home to the well-preserved tomb of King Ukit-Kan-Lek-Tok. The entrance resembles the mouth of a monster, likely to be a jaguar. Surrounding the center of Ek'Balam are the mounds of stone remnants and un-excavated ruins overgrown with dense vegetation. Numerous remains are waiting to be restored. You'll be guided to every point of interest and shown an often overlooked steale for study.

Evening Light & Sound Show at Chichen Itza

At 8pm, we’ll visit Chichen Itza for it's famous light & sound show. You’ll experience not just the most important archaeological zone in Yucatan and one of the new world wonders but you'll also witness a representation of the equinox, the southward movement of the Kukulcan feathered serpent by multicolored lights. Suddenly you will live some flashbacks to the ancient Mayan world through a narrative that blends perfectly with the special effects of light and sound. You will come to understand much better a history that has enriched Mexican culture since the beginning.


Exploring The Legendary City of Chichen Itza

Adjacent to the Chichén Itzá Archaeological Park, is where you'll find the Lodge. Our group will enjoy the luxury of an exclusive private entrance to the Maya temples. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, Chichen Itza - meaning "At the mouth of the well of the Itza" - is Mexico's most visited archeological site, a magnificent display of Mayan culture and the ceremonial center of the Yucatán. The major attraction of Chichen Itza is the Kukulkan Pyramid, known as "El Castillo", 24 meters (79 feet) high of step pyramid construction, it will strike the attention of the most casual visitor. Mesoamerican cultures occasionally built larger pyramids on top of smaller ones and this is the case for El Castillo where an excavation discovered a temple with an elaborate jaguar throne, and scientists have recently found a second pyramid hidden deep within the Kukulkan pyramid. The construction of the Kukulkan Pyramid at Chichen Itza was planned so that each Vernal Equinox, the dying sun would cast a shadow of a serpent writhing down the steps of the pyramid. Every year over 40,000 people make the trek to the great pyramid to watch in awe as the snakes diamond backed body slowly appears. If you stand facing the foot of the temple and shout the echo comes back as a piercing shriek. Also, a person standing on the top step can speak in a normal voice and be heard by those at ground level for some distance. The site is expansive and will require the entire day to visit.


Grutas de Loltún

Caves had a special meaning to the ancient Maya, as they were thought to be the opening to Xilbalbá ("place of ear"). According to the Popul Vuh, the Maya holy book, Xilbalbá was ruled by the Lords of Death. You'll take a break from studying ancient ruins and begin your descent into the multi-level Mayan underworld of the dead by visiting a significant part of the largest cave system in Yucatan state, Grutas de' loltun. In the Mayan language "loltun" means "stone flowers" referring to the fascinating natural formations in the cave. This often-over looked site holds the earliest evidence of humans in the Yucatan, as well as fossils of extinct mastodons and saber-tooth tigers from the last ice age. We'll examine a relief featuring a stela-like royal potrait of an Olmec that is carved next to the caves entrance. When compared with other carvings, studies have concluded that this particular Olmec carving dates to between 2,200 to 2,500 BC. The Olmec scribe who carved it lived very early in the so-called Formative, or Pre-classic era. By contrast, Chichen Itzá was not built until almost 3,500 years later. Wall paintings and fragments of pottery are scattered throughout the cave and it's caverns seem to go on forever. This cave has not been fully and completely explored, even to this day.

The Enigmatic Labna Ruins

We’ll finish the day by exploring Labna: a smaller, less crowded archaeological site where we'll find symbolism connected with the cosmos. Labna is an excellent site for archaeology lovers and architectural buffs with it's Mayan building ruins that were built in the ancient Puuc style. Located in the Yucatan Peninsula by the larger Uxmal ruins, Labna is a compact structure hidden within the Puuc Hills. Though smaller than some of the other Mayan ruin compounds in Mexico, it is impressive nonetheless. Labna was once used as a ceremonial center by the Mayans during the pre-Columbian era. Labna’s impressive Gateway Arch is still standing today. It is believed that this arch was used to signify the start of the area of the ancient village where the priest and the elite people of Labna lived.

Dinner at Hacienda Uxmal

We'll unwind from our expedition with a relaxed closing dinner at Hacienda Uxmal.


Transfer to the airport and flight home.

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Location: Yucatan, Mexico
Date: November 12 - 18, 2017
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  • Transportation in private air conditioned tour bus
  • Airport/hotel transfer on arrival and departure dates
  • 6 nights accommodation in double room
  • 6 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 1 dinner
  • Meeting room for presentation as per itinerary
  • Entry fees for sites listed on the Itinerary
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  • Shaman ceremony and Mayan to English translator
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Spots For The Mysteries Of The Maya Expedition Will Run Out FAST.

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Location: Yucatan, Mexico
Date: November 12 - 18, 2017
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Save $100 with our Equinox Special

When you make a full payment during our Autumnal Equinox Special, you'll receive a Discount rate of only $3,197

Limited Time Offer. First come, first serve!

But once the timer runs out, this special limited time offer will be over and the trip will go up to full price. Secure Your Spot TODAY!

One Payment of $3,297 $3,197 Special Discount

Price Above Covers Base Cost Per Person in Double Occupancy Room.

Optional: For Single Room Supplement add $325 due 30 days before trip

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